Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a great week for me.  After all the busy, busy work all summer I had to "learn" how to do nothing!  This rally is pretty unstructured, which is the way I like them - maybe a few things to do together.  We all had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Junction City, we had a couple of potlucks together, we had campfires together - in between one could go sightseeing, spend time visiting, nap, read, take a walk.

Front of trailer looking toward Milford Lake
Besides the "together" activities, I visited with friends I had made in the past, met a bunch of new ones, napped, read two books.  I did pick up some new ideas to work into my trailer - like putting the window awnings on a track, instead of using the suction cups.
Sun setting on Milford Lake.

The weather ran the gamut - hot, windy, rainy, windy, chilly, windy and perfect.  I did not get away on Tuesday as hoped.  My city was cleaning out the city sewer lines in our section of town and had advised us to cover any openings.  I didn't want my housemate to face any cleanup - really I didn't want to get a call on the way or after just getting there saying HELP.  Then we had a computer problem to take care of, then we did have a storm with 60-65 mph winds with rain and some branches did come down.  So it was Wednesday morning before I got away.

We had 32 fiberglass trailers - one Oliver, two Escapes, 3 Scamps and the rest were Casitas.  My camera didn't really get much of a workout this time.

I stayed until Monday morning, leaving at noon and drove to Madison Ks, located about 20 miles south of Emporia.  I went there to meet a Facebook friend Janet and her husband Larry.  Janet is one of those people you instantly feel like you have known all your life.  She is an artist and her husband Larry is a retired electrical engineer; but like most in the mechanical/scientific arena, they never quit being one of those types.

Janet is a hoot and we talked about so much.  I told them things about my life growing up that I don't talk about much.  I told them what life was like growing up with an artsy mom and mechanical/sciencey dad.  I spent one night with them and left reluctantly the next morning.  I would have stayed another night; but, alas I didn't have enough meds to get me through.

Trailer is cleaned out and parked for the winter. UGH.  I still need to get jacks under the frame to get the weight off the tires; winterize the water lines and put away the clean linens for the next time.   Oh, and fix that leak in the ceiling fan that is still there - I did see where the water is coming through. There are a few other projects to do or finish before the cold weather sets in - garage trim, fix the porch guttering, maybe get the eaves on one side of the house painted.  We had a chilly night and a nice rain to get us "in the mood" for Fall.

Oh, I guess spending all that money on getting the truck's maintenance work done just before leaving, helped as I averaged, pulling the trailer, 17 mpg - haven't had that in awhile.  Now to just get it paid for.

Until next time . . . .


  1. So glad that Jerry posted a link to your blog! I had already looked for it, but did not know the name.

    It was a blessing to be able to compare notes with another 16'!

    16 miles per gallon! Awesome!

    1. I hope we can continue to compare, especially us older 16s.

  2. Oh! Here were are, what? a month later? And I just now found this. I still haven't figured out how to follow your blog. I don't see a thing to click on. Thanks for the sweet words about us. I love that picture. I think it looks like us, except of course my figure has changed since then! Just a bit.

    We sure enjoyed having you here. I wish we could live close by and get to visit now and again. You are a delight.

    You're right, once an engineer, always an engineer. Larry has been a great guy to spend my life with.

    Love, Janet