Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finally, a working hand!

I think it must have taken my last post's threat seriously, because it sure started healing up fast; and, I was able to resume working on those projects I needed to get done before the cold days set in.

See those ugly little black spots (the fungus).
So I am back to getting rid of the black fungus on the top of the trailer and then covering the top with a wax compound, a glazing compound and then a fiberglass wax.  I am experimenting with a bleach based cleaner and a vinegar cleaner.  I have sprayed straight vinegar on the house siding where the black fungus accumulates - the northeast corner that doesn't get the sunlight as it is under a big tree.. And it has been working really good in keeping the black fungus growth down to almost "0" on the siding.  I'll be spraying the vinegar on the siding again in a few weeks.

Shiny, shiny top - those little round things are the rivet cap covers.
So far I have used the bleach based cleaner on the driver's side and will finish up with the vinegar cleaner on the passenger side of the trailer. The rivet covers are getting replaced too (about 24 of them), I took the black water tank's vent cover off, cleaned it and put new screen around the opening.  The screening keeps out bugs - mud dabbers from building nests in the vent pipe.  I will be doing the same with the gray water tank vent cover this next week.
Isn't this exciting?  That's my black tank vent cover; and look hard in the middle you can see the screen replacement.
There are the jacks under the trailer that I put on the frame to get the majority of the weight off the tires during the winter,  am going to attempt to tackle the rust on the framework underneath.  Then the battery gets hooked up to the solar panel too.  I take it out of the trailer and put it in the garage with the solar panel just outside the garage. Sometime in the next few weeks I will get the RV anti-freeze into the plumbing system.

As I was walking into the garage this afternoon, to get my trailer cleaning supplies, I glanced up at the "100 ton" garage door and remembered I need to paint, at least, the outside of it.  That door is a double wood door as many years ago a previous owner liked to work in the garage, even in the wintertime.  The garage is modestly insulated and there is evidence of an old heater in there, so hence the "100 ton" garage door.  If I had the money, I would replace it with a much, much lighter weight one and one with a remote!

There is enough work to keep me busy for the next 3 weeks; oh, including some winter yard preparation.  Our usual first-frost night is toward the end of October.  This coming Friday I have my 6-month pacemaker checkup with the cardiologist - am getting anxious to see how we are doing.  I know how I am doing - GOOD.  And - my diet, well just about 6/7 pounds to go to my goal.  Taking a breather this week and kind of done some piggin out, back on it next week.

Not very exciting.


  1. Good to hear that the hand is better. You've got the top of your trailer looking good as new. I've still got to get to work on ours. Haven't had much time to spend on it since we arrived at home.

  2. Give it time Jerry, it's not going anywhere. But, will be glad when mine is done, just around the FFan now.

  3. We enjoyed looking at the results of all your hard work. These little trailers do take time to make them look their best.

    We used a rust preventative product that was awesome on our past 13' Casita. It was called POR 15, a three step process that absolutely eliminated the rust. We are planning to do it again on the 16'.

    I did not know about our vents on top...thanks for the info.

    Glad your finger healed!