Sunday, September 30, 2012

Countdown to being cooped inside has started

Today is really nice, temperature in the back yard is 80º.  Earlier in the day, I saw a dark cloud stretching from overhead to the southwest and thought "Oh no, there's painting to get done."  So I have been under the back end of the trailer for the last few hours putting the ONE STEP rust converter primer on the metal frame.  This is the stuff that goes on white, quickly turns to a light green, then turns black as it uses the rust to create a primer.  Didn't think about getting pictures until I was already under the trailer.
So went out and got this one, Ain't that purtty?
(Oh forgot to mention - if you use this stuff, be prepared for flies to come around.  The smell seems to attract them from everywhere; and, I think it must intoxicate them as they fly like they are drunk!)

My upper body feels like I have been a contortionist.  I got smart this time and got a pillow for my head so I wouldn't have to strain my neck muscles.  Got the heating pad against my shoulders right now.  Later this week, I'll apply the black oil-based enamel over the One Step.

I started applying winter fertilizer/weed killer to the back yard earlier this morning - so was praying that we wouldn't have rain for a few days; as tomorrow will cover the rest of the back yard.  Am also preparing the trim board that will go on the east side of the garage.  I am cutting the 12 foot board into shorter pieces so it will be easier for me to put it up.  Haven't done any prep work on the '100 ton' garage door yet - except look at it.

I did put a cover on the top of the trailer.  I get so tired of the mess the leaves and twigs leave on the top; so, I patched up the cover and threw it up there.  Amazing how push brooms come in handy for other activities other than sweeping.  I have it tied down with four ropes across and secured to parts under the trailer.  Have alligator clamps with bungee cords on the front and back.  My tie down hasn't had a KS wind test yet.

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  1. You've been a busy lady. It's been a rainy weekend here, about 4 inch's worth.