Sunday, September 30, 2012

Countdown to being cooped inside has started

Today is really nice, temperature in the back yard is 80º.  Earlier in the day, I saw a dark cloud stretching from overhead to the southwest and thought "Oh no, there's painting to get done."  So I have been under the back end of the trailer for the last few hours putting the ONE STEP rust converter primer on the metal frame.  This is the stuff that goes on white, quickly turns to a light green, then turns black as it uses the rust to create a primer.  Didn't think about getting pictures until I was already under the trailer.
So went out and got this one, Ain't that purtty?
(Oh forgot to mention - if you use this stuff, be prepared for flies to come around.  The smell seems to attract them from everywhere; and, I think it must intoxicate them as they fly like they are drunk!)

My upper body feels like I have been a contortionist.  I got smart this time and got a pillow for my head so I wouldn't have to strain my neck muscles.  Got the heating pad against my shoulders right now.  Later this week, I'll apply the black oil-based enamel over the One Step.

I started applying winter fertilizer/weed killer to the back yard earlier this morning - so was praying that we wouldn't have rain for a few days; as tomorrow will cover the rest of the back yard.  Am also preparing the trim board that will go on the east side of the garage.  I am cutting the 12 foot board into shorter pieces so it will be easier for me to put it up.  Haven't done any prep work on the '100 ton' garage door yet - except look at it.

I did put a cover on the top of the trailer.  I get so tired of the mess the leaves and twigs leave on the top; so, I patched up the cover and threw it up there.  Amazing how push brooms come in handy for other activities other than sweeping.  I have it tied down with four ropes across and secured to parts under the trailer.  Have alligator clamps with bungee cords on the front and back.  My tie down hasn't had a KS wind test yet.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Yahoo! I am Still Alive. . . .

Just got home from my first 6-month pacemaker visit with the cardiologist.  The cardio said to keep doing what I am doing.  Especially the weight loss.  J&J (pacemaker's name) is kicking in, in the lower chamber 32% of the time - mostly when I am sleeping to keep the beats up to 60 beats per minute; and the upper chamber is holding its own with no assists in 6 months from the pacemaker.  No palpitations in the last 6 months.

The pacemaker tech showed me what it feels like when J&J kicks up the heartbeats - ooookay.  Felt like my heart was climbing up my esophagus.  He had kicked the beats up to 90 beats per minute from about 65-70 bpm.  I said that yup, I have had that feeling a few times.

I don't go back to see the cardiologist and have a pacemaker reading for 6 months - maybe in time for my next birthday.

Well, back to my projects . . . .

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finally, a working hand!

I think it must have taken my last post's threat seriously, because it sure started healing up fast; and, I was able to resume working on those projects I needed to get done before the cold days set in.

See those ugly little black spots (the fungus).
So I am back to getting rid of the black fungus on the top of the trailer and then covering the top with a wax compound, a glazing compound and then a fiberglass wax.  I am experimenting with a bleach based cleaner and a vinegar cleaner.  I have sprayed straight vinegar on the house siding where the black fungus accumulates - the northeast corner that doesn't get the sunlight as it is under a big tree.. And it has been working really good in keeping the black fungus growth down to almost "0" on the siding.  I'll be spraying the vinegar on the siding again in a few weeks.

Shiny, shiny top - those little round things are the rivet cap covers.
So far I have used the bleach based cleaner on the driver's side and will finish up with the vinegar cleaner on the passenger side of the trailer. The rivet covers are getting replaced too (about 24 of them), I took the black water tank's vent cover off, cleaned it and put new screen around the opening.  The screening keeps out bugs - mud dabbers from building nests in the vent pipe.  I will be doing the same with the gray water tank vent cover this next week.
Isn't this exciting?  That's my black tank vent cover; and look hard in the middle you can see the screen replacement.
There are the jacks under the trailer that I put on the frame to get the majority of the weight off the tires during the winter,  am going to attempt to tackle the rust on the framework underneath.  Then the battery gets hooked up to the solar panel too.  I take it out of the trailer and put it in the garage with the solar panel just outside the garage. Sometime in the next few weeks I will get the RV anti-freeze into the plumbing system.

As I was walking into the garage this afternoon, to get my trailer cleaning supplies, I glanced up at the "100 ton" garage door and remembered I need to paint, at least, the outside of it.  That door is a double wood door as many years ago a previous owner liked to work in the garage, even in the wintertime.  The garage is modestly insulated and there is evidence of an old heater in there, so hence the "100 ton" garage door.  If I had the money, I would replace it with a much, much lighter weight one and one with a remote!

There is enough work to keep me busy for the next 3 weeks; oh, including some winter yard preparation.  Our usual first-frost night is toward the end of October.  This coming Friday I have my 6-month pacemaker checkup with the cardiologist - am getting anxious to see how we are doing.  I know how I am doing - GOOD.  And - my diet, well just about 6/7 pounds to go to my goal.  Taking a breather this week and kind of done some piggin out, back on it next week.

Not very exciting.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Update . . . .Not getting much Done

Six years ago, I injured - actually fractured, the bones at the base of the middle finger in my right hand.  Went thru physical therapy for 3 or 4 months and it was great, just a bit set at an angle.

Well, sometime coming home I must have done something.  I don't recall it starting to bother me until heading home from Madison.  I packed it in ice and moved it a bit; then Thurs I accidentally jammed the finger against something and it's been driving me crazy!  Not much I can do with it, so my projects that still need to get done are on hold.  Hope it's better by the time I start getting the trailer ready for winter.

I'd show you a picture of the swelling, but it wouldn't be a nice gesture. Right now my typing is a mixture of one-finger on the right and regular typing on the left.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a great week for me.  After all the busy, busy work all summer I had to "learn" how to do nothing!  This rally is pretty unstructured, which is the way I like them - maybe a few things to do together.  We all had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Junction City, we had a couple of potlucks together, we had campfires together - in between one could go sightseeing, spend time visiting, nap, read, take a walk.

Front of trailer looking toward Milford Lake
Besides the "together" activities, I visited with friends I had made in the past, met a bunch of new ones, napped, read two books.  I did pick up some new ideas to work into my trailer - like putting the window awnings on a track, instead of using the suction cups.
Sun setting on Milford Lake.

The weather ran the gamut - hot, windy, rainy, windy, chilly, windy and perfect.  I did not get away on Tuesday as hoped.  My city was cleaning out the city sewer lines in our section of town and had advised us to cover any openings.  I didn't want my housemate to face any cleanup - really I didn't want to get a call on the way or after just getting there saying HELP.  Then we had a computer problem to take care of, then we did have a storm with 60-65 mph winds with rain and some branches did come down.  So it was Wednesday morning before I got away.

We had 32 fiberglass trailers - one Oliver, two Escapes, 3 Scamps and the rest were Casitas.  My camera didn't really get much of a workout this time.

I stayed until Monday morning, leaving at noon and drove to Madison Ks, located about 20 miles south of Emporia.  I went there to meet a Facebook friend Janet and her husband Larry.  Janet is one of those people you instantly feel like you have known all your life.  She is an artist and her husband Larry is a retired electrical engineer; but like most in the mechanical/scientific arena, they never quit being one of those types.

Janet is a hoot and we talked about so much.  I told them things about my life growing up that I don't talk about much.  I told them what life was like growing up with an artsy mom and mechanical/sciencey dad.  I spent one night with them and left reluctantly the next morning.  I would have stayed another night; but, alas I didn't have enough meds to get me through.

Trailer is cleaned out and parked for the winter. UGH.  I still need to get jacks under the frame to get the weight off the tires; winterize the water lines and put away the clean linens for the next time.   Oh, and fix that leak in the ceiling fan that is still there - I did see where the water is coming through. There are a few other projects to do or finish before the cold weather sets in - garage trim, fix the porch guttering, maybe get the eaves on one side of the house painted.  We had a chilly night and a nice rain to get us "in the mood" for Fall.

Oh, I guess spending all that money on getting the truck's maintenance work done just before leaving, helped as I averaged, pulling the trailer, 17 mpg - haven't had that in awhile.  Now to just get it paid for.

Until next time . . . .

Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh No, Another 100º Day (and another), Plus Getting Ready. . . .

Summer just doesn't want us to forget her - threw a 105º day at us on Sunday before Labor Day and 106º on Labor Day.   Let us not forget the meaning of Labor Day - dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers (and this doesn't mean you Wall Street "workers").

Preparations to Eggie for our participation in the Kansas Egg-stravaganza this week at Farnum Corp of Engineers campground just outside Junction City, have been my focus since early August, after I finished painting the garage.  He has not had a thorough cleaning inside and out for over 2 years!  The last two summers, I workamped at an RV park starting in May.  I never really cleaned the trailer up good from top to bottom, nor tended to some repairs or improvements that needed to be done.

Ain't that frame beautiful?
The yellow is the insulation placed
above my refrigerator.
I have posted, in earlier posts, some of the things that have been done so far - new curtains, fixed the "screen door" to work better, stabilize the microwave, bolt the converter in more securely so it won't walk across the floor when traveling, painted the black water tank's drain pipe black after removing the peeling black duck tape to reveal a white drain pipe.  The rust on the trailer frame is getting taken care of and the underside will be attempted after I get home and before winter.  Added extra insulation around my fairly new refrigerator - if it stays hot this week, may find out if it helps. And the blinds were removed and cleaned

Alas, the leak at the front of the Fantastic Fan is still there and it is predicted that we will have some rain later this week.  The rally organizer is even helping that along by borrowing a surplus tent for us to huddle under.

See the shiny look?
 Pretty good for an old duck.
The top of the trailer has one coat of wax on it, but really need to spend some time up there as the gel coat (fiberglass trailer for those not familiar who Eggie is) is pretty pitted and needs attention.  Since we are on water restrictions here, I had to get creative on "washing" the trailer.  It got washed but by one bucket of water at a time, to conserve water.  It turned out pretty clean.  Then I applied a marine fiberglass restorer that removed the oxidation and put a light coat of wax on.  To top that off, I have been applying a glazing compound to bring out the shine.  I should be applying another coat of liquid wax after that, but my upper arms are protesting.  I use 3M Marine fiberglass products.  He's looking pretty spiffy for an "old man of 12 years old".

Ribbon windsocks I make.
Meanwhile, I have been working on the ribbon windsocks, think I'll have around 35 to take with me.  The vacuum cleaner has been used to clean the carpeted inside, cupboards cleaned out, the bathroom cleaned, water lines flushed of RV anti-freeze, hanging rods to transport all the windsocks have been put up and tested, refrigerator cleaned and was turned on today to start cooling down, groceries bought, clothes loaded, tires checked and aired up - they only lost 4 psi in the last year.  I even took the rig out for a test run last Friday and realized the only step I didn't do was to tighten the stabilizer after putting it on.
99¢ box w/lid from WalMart, punched holes in side to
hold paper roller.
I even made a new toilet paper cover for the bathroom, so it won't get wet when I shower. I can even roll the paper!

Meals for housemate have been fixed and he has a menu of what to choose from.  He doesn't cook - besides my cook stove can be kind of scary sometimes.  Burners get too hot or not hot enough, oven overheats and dries foods out if not played with.  Old electric stove from waaaaaaay back when.

I made the picture small so it
wouldn't look so bad
I think I "embarrassed" Big Red by covering him up while he was parked under the bird tree.  The area birds love to sit in the tree in the afternoon; plus the elm tree is a terrible pitch tree too.  The trailer is already hitched from Friday's test run and I just left them there.  A neighbor wanted to cut some tree branches today and I had to move the trailer.

Well, it's off to bed and then tomorrow will finish what I didn't get done today.  I hope to be on the road by 11 a.m.