Friday, August 24, 2012

It rained again tonight, harder and more of it!

We are having a nice rain, a really nice rain tonight again. Went out to the trailer to check the leak - no leaking.

Only difference - no wind tonight. In the past, that's when I had trouble with the leak. I have suspected the rain is being driven under the original sealing around the Fantastic Fan, when the wind comes from the front of the trailer to the rear. As I recall, I haven't experienced leaks when in the reverse or from the passenger side of the trailer. Getting the picture now?

Had a houseful of dogs tonight. Daughter had to work tonight and the thunder and lightening scares her dog. So I went over to get him. As soon as I put his Thunder Shirt on he's out the back door headed to my truck. He's there waiting to get in and become "truck dog" for the ride to my house.

Meanwhile, the neighbors went out for the evening and their kids were spending the night with friends. It's pouring down rain and Isabelle, their dog, is barking to be let inside their house - only she doesn't know there isn't anyone home. She comes over to our house and as soon as housemate opens the door she zooms inside soaking wet. (Housemate is pretty partial to Izzie) I call the neighbors on the cell, "opps" he says; and, he had his son come home to let Izzie in the house. Happy ending.

Daughter's dog is very aloof to Isabelle and she would like to be friends. Funny to watch. She's really a nice dog, Buster.

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