Friday, August 24, 2012

It rained again tonight, harder and more of it!

We are having a nice rain, a really nice rain tonight again. Went out to the trailer to check the leak - no leaking.

Only difference - no wind tonight. In the past, that's when I had trouble with the leak. I have suspected the rain is being driven under the original sealing around the Fantastic Fan, when the wind comes from the front of the trailer to the rear. As I recall, I haven't experienced leaks when in the reverse or from the passenger side of the trailer. Getting the picture now?

Had a houseful of dogs tonight. Daughter had to work tonight and the thunder and lightening scares her dog. So I went over to get him. As soon as I put his Thunder Shirt on he's out the back door headed to my truck. He's there waiting to get in and become "truck dog" for the ride to my house.

Meanwhile, the neighbors went out for the evening and their kids were spending the night with friends. It's pouring down rain and Isabelle, their dog, is barking to be let inside their house - only she doesn't know there isn't anyone home. She comes over to our house and as soon as housemate opens the door she zooms inside soaking wet. (Housemate is pretty partial to Izzie) I call the neighbors on the cell, "opps" he says; and, he had his son come home to let Izzie in the house. Happy ending.

Daughter's dog is very aloof to Isabelle and she would like to be friends. Funny to watch. She's really a nice dog, Buster.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's raining, it's raining!

It's been weeks since we've seen more than 20 drops out of the sky. I got so excited I ran out to the trailer in my pj's to see if I was successful in plugging the leak around the ceiling fan. NOT.

Friday, August 17, 2012

31 Days of that Miserable 100º+ Weather

Didn't hit the 36 days of 100º+ we had last summer.  That's okay, still no rain - maybe 16 rain drops here and there.

I finished painting the east side of the garage for as much as I am doing now.  I still need to replace the fascia boards on the east side - probably wait until September to do that when it is cooler.

I did get the house refrigerator cleaned out; and,  . . . . well, it did bring on the rains but not for us right here.  The folks north of us have been getting some rain - there is more heading eastward from Colorado now, maybe just maybe.  I'll leave the windows open on the trailer tonight - think that will work?

I have started fixing curtains for the side windows in the trailer.  The curtains panels I am using are ones I saved from a previous residence. The fabric is a window pane pattern and this particular fabric is very similar to window covers of my youth.  When I was a wee one, I would visit my maternal grandparents in Norris TN.  There were some windows in their TVA house that didn't have screens so Nana used this window pane fabric, stretching the fabric between curtain rods at the top and bottom to act as window screens.  It was light weight enough to let a breeze and light through, but kept out the bugs.
Curtains down
Curtains drawn up
The panels are too long and I did not want to cut the panels up, so I created a double valance.  Since I won't want them down all the time, I attached ribbon pulls so I could pull them up. Very similar to Austrian pull-ups.  I have them on wooden dowels that are tied onto the venetian blind top.

Before I got started on the side curtains, I had to clear the bed off so I could take measurements.  One of the items I had to move was my toaster oven.  I had wanted to store it in a cabinet when not in use. Well, I had to clean out that cabinet and ended up cleaning out 2 more cabinets and still hadn't put the toaster oven where I wan
Finished microwave cabinet
with electrical plug reversed.
Microwave is at bottom of picture.
ted it.  It is in its cabinet now - had to so I could get out of the trailer!

I replaced the microwave the second year of ownership of the trailer; and, it was smaller then the space.  When traveling, it kept slipping to the back of the cabinet, then I always had a struggle pulling it back out so I could open the door.  So I put a brace in the back to keep it in place. Yea. I also reversed the electrical outlet for the microwave making it more accessible for me and easier to unplug the microwave when the trailer is in "storage" for the winter or summer.

Oh note:  Leaving the trailer windows open hasn't brought us any rain, but the northern tier of counties are getting some rain.  At least it has cooled off and the rain is trying.  It would take us around 10-12 inches of rain to get us out of the extreme drought!  There isn't much water left in our City's lake.

I (think) I have fixed the last remaining leak around my Fantastic Fan, located in the ceiling. I thought I had it fixed last winter.  Guess when the rains finally come, I'll know for sure.

The electrical converter in the trailer came out of its cubby hole several years ago.  A washboard road I drove over loosened the bolts holding it in place and I had to prop it up so it would stay in where its suppose to. I reinforced the bolts by putting strips of wood behind the fiberglass and with lock nuts.  Hope that works.  Sure is nice seeing it in place, finally.

The rust on the trailer frame is getting taken care of.  I am trying some stuff called One Step.  It goes on white, immediately turns a light green color, then black.  You apply a second coat within 25 minutes.  Hate crawling under the trailer.  Next week, I'll apply a black enamel paint.

Last year I sold some of the ribbon wind socks I make (for something to do!) at the rally.  Several participants have asked me to bring some again this year, so am making some new ones in my spare time.  I even fixed my weather station so I could hang a couple of wind socks from it.

The trailer's refrigerator is getting some additional insulation added around it; the waxing of the trailer's fiberglass will start next week; cleaning out the garage so I can get the truck all the way in this winter. There are other things that pop into my mind that are getting done too. Somewhere in there I'll clean the trailer out and stock it up for the adventure over at Milford Lake and the KS Egg-Stravaganza Get-Together next month.

Down to 10 more pounds to lose.  Not rushing it and experimenting with what I can eat and still maintain the weight.  Will write again after the get-together.  Am stopping to meet a Facebook friend, Janet, on the way over to Milford Lake.  Looking forward to that.