Friday, July 13, 2012

Couple More Projects Done

The garage painting is coming along. I need some more white primer so that part has come to a temporary halt until later.  It's an ordeal painting the gravelly cover - like painting stucco. I got most of the back done, but need to put primer on the corrugated (white square) part before finishing the wall. Don't know why it's there and ain't gonna look.

This is the window I glazed.
I did my first window glazing job on the north window.  The south window has been covered over on the inside and two of the glass panes are gone.  So I am covering it.  My brother suggested, this afternoon, to paint something on the board - hmmmmm, maybe paint a flower box with flowers on that one.

The second job was making a curtain for the back window in the trailer.  This is a special curtain.
If you look hard, you can see the horses and other figures in the fabric above.
This is my step-grandfather with one of his sculptures.
  A number of years ago I acquired this piece of fabric from my stepmother.  I had no idea what to do with it but figured the time and place would come.  Well, as I said in another post, the time and place has come.  The horse style in the fabric reminds me of the style of horses my step-grandfather created in his art deco work of stylized animals.

The finished curtain in my trailer. The blinds
are still there.  I can slide the curtains to
the side or tie to the side.

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