Monday, July 23, 2012

22 Days of 100+º and counting

I had a talk with Mother Nature and told her that to have prolonged "hot flashes" not only makes it rough on her (speaking from experience), but it makes it very rough on those around her - i.e. all of us living through continual 100º plus temperature days.  She's not listening.  I wish the Man-Up-Stairs would control her.  Not.

The garage is two-thirds done.  I just have the east side to go, which is the side between my garage and the neighbor's garage/dog pen.  No windows to paint, but the moulding and fascia boards will come down and just the fascia boards will be replaced - who's looking at moulding on that side.

Flowers in the window of my garage.
I fixed up the blocked window on the west side and here is the results.  I had a lot of fun doing it. (To the left)

I started on the east side this morning and managed to get both of the 12 foot rotten moulding pieces down without any trouble - a lot of the nails stayed behind.  I got two-thirds of one 1x6x12 ft fascia board down, as it was rotten and all the nails stayed up.  The other third of this board is located up under the shingles and was behind the moulding.  That still needs to come down.  I started on the second fascia board and got half of the (again) two-thirds loosened.  I was getting covered by dirt and rotten wood and quit for the morning.  Heat, sweat, dirt, itchy wood did not feel good to me.

I did start painting though; but am not being as particular about this side.  In fact, am not going to paint the whole side, just what can be seen from the street or driving down the alley.  The end close to the alley is getting covered with more paint then three feet in towards the center.  I just want it to look green as one drives by.  I'll need to go about three or four feet further on the south end where the garage door is located.  Should have enough paint to do that much.  Now, if my neighbor decides to tear down his garage, while I am still living here, and not rebuild something - well . . . .

I need to work on the drainage between the buildings too.  Ideally, I would like to put guttering on the east side and let the rainwater drain into my rain barrel, but that's another thought for another day.

And the refrigerator is getting cleaned out.  I am trying this out to see if it will bring on some much needed rain - you know like wash your vehicle, leave the windows open, etc.  Daughter still has my truck (hopefully, will have it back next week) so can't wash it or leave windows open.

Our City hasn't gone to Stage 3 water restrictions yet; but they said if they do, there will be no outside watering.  The only non-outside watering I will struggle with will be with my boxwood plants.  I have worked so hard for the last 5 years to get those bushes to survive.  They, unfortunately, are located where the winter winds just blast them and they have struggled.  Last year I covered most of them with a burlap bag and that seems to have been the best solution, so far, to get them through the winter.  In fact, the ones that were covered looked better than the ones that I didn't cover.

Okay, we are at 22 days and counting.  I know there are other places that have a few more days then we do - think Salina Ks is up to 26 or 27 days of 100+º days.  Maybe next time I can report we have had rain!

PS:  I finished painting the back side of the garage tonight.  Now if you are driving south on the main street or west on the alley - it is green to match the rest of the garage.  Just have the south end to paint now.  Oh, and remove and replace the fascia boards.


  1. Reading of all that work in the heat makes me weary. You're one busy lady. Love the window.

  2. The window is adorable! You are making me feel guilty as for once we are not getting as much heat and I'm not accomplishing a quarter of what you are doing! Well done on your weight loss too! Latte