Wednesday, July 18, 2012

17 Days & Counting

Of 100 plus degree days, so far this summer.  Last year we had 20 days of 100+º weather all summer - and they didn't start until around mid-July.  Got the electric bill this morning in the mail; and, yikes it sure pointed out how early the hot weather started with us.  I don't remember what the dollar charge was last year, but we used 137 more kwh this year for the same number of days and same time. Ieeeeee, what is the next bill going to be?  We had 105º today.

Meanwhile, am still painting on the garage - early mornings (some very early if I am beating the sun).  One more day, and I should have two-thirds painted.  The ugly side is coming up - that's the side between my garage and the neighbor's garage/dog pen.  The trim on that side definitely has to come down.
Back is done & almost with side.
So my 4 inch paint brush and I will keep on painting.  Oh, I have come up with something for the board covering that blocked window.  Hopefully, will have it done for the next posting.

PS Am down a couple more pounds, just 14 more to go.

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