Monday, July 23, 2012

22 Days of 100+º and counting

I had a talk with Mother Nature and told her that to have prolonged "hot flashes" not only makes it rough on her (speaking from experience), but it makes it very rough on those around her - i.e. all of us living through continual 100º plus temperature days.  She's not listening.  I wish the Man-Up-Stairs would control her.  Not.

The garage is two-thirds done.  I just have the east side to go, which is the side between my garage and the neighbor's garage/dog pen.  No windows to paint, but the moulding and fascia boards will come down and just the fascia boards will be replaced - who's looking at moulding on that side.

Flowers in the window of my garage.
I fixed up the blocked window on the west side and here is the results.  I had a lot of fun doing it. (To the left)

I started on the east side this morning and managed to get both of the 12 foot rotten moulding pieces down without any trouble - a lot of the nails stayed behind.  I got two-thirds of one 1x6x12 ft fascia board down, as it was rotten and all the nails stayed up.  The other third of this board is located up under the shingles and was behind the moulding.  That still needs to come down.  I started on the second fascia board and got half of the (again) two-thirds loosened.  I was getting covered by dirt and rotten wood and quit for the morning.  Heat, sweat, dirt, itchy wood did not feel good to me.

I did start painting though; but am not being as particular about this side.  In fact, am not going to paint the whole side, just what can be seen from the street or driving down the alley.  The end close to the alley is getting covered with more paint then three feet in towards the center.  I just want it to look green as one drives by.  I'll need to go about three or four feet further on the south end where the garage door is located.  Should have enough paint to do that much.  Now, if my neighbor decides to tear down his garage, while I am still living here, and not rebuild something - well . . . .

I need to work on the drainage between the buildings too.  Ideally, I would like to put guttering on the east side and let the rainwater drain into my rain barrel, but that's another thought for another day.

And the refrigerator is getting cleaned out.  I am trying this out to see if it will bring on some much needed rain - you know like wash your vehicle, leave the windows open, etc.  Daughter still has my truck (hopefully, will have it back next week) so can't wash it or leave windows open.

Our City hasn't gone to Stage 3 water restrictions yet; but they said if they do, there will be no outside watering.  The only non-outside watering I will struggle with will be with my boxwood plants.  I have worked so hard for the last 5 years to get those bushes to survive.  They, unfortunately, are located where the winter winds just blast them and they have struggled.  Last year I covered most of them with a burlap bag and that seems to have been the best solution, so far, to get them through the winter.  In fact, the ones that were covered looked better than the ones that I didn't cover.

Okay, we are at 22 days and counting.  I know there are other places that have a few more days then we do - think Salina Ks is up to 26 or 27 days of 100+º days.  Maybe next time I can report we have had rain!

PS:  I finished painting the back side of the garage tonight.  Now if you are driving south on the main street or west on the alley - it is green to match the rest of the garage.  Just have the south end to paint now.  Oh, and remove and replace the fascia boards.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

17 Days & Counting

Of 100 plus degree days, so far this summer.  Last year we had 20 days of 100+º weather all summer - and they didn't start until around mid-July.  Got the electric bill this morning in the mail; and, yikes it sure pointed out how early the hot weather started with us.  I don't remember what the dollar charge was last year, but we used 137 more kwh this year for the same number of days and same time. Ieeeeee, what is the next bill going to be?  We had 105º today.

Meanwhile, am still painting on the garage - early mornings (some very early if I am beating the sun).  One more day, and I should have two-thirds painted.  The ugly side is coming up - that's the side between my garage and the neighbor's garage/dog pen.  The trim on that side definitely has to come down.
Back is done & almost with side.
So my 4 inch paint brush and I will keep on painting.  Oh, I have come up with something for the board covering that blocked window.  Hopefully, will have it done for the next posting.

PS Am down a couple more pounds, just 14 more to go.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Couple More Projects Done

The garage painting is coming along. I need some more white primer so that part has come to a temporary halt until later.  It's an ordeal painting the gravelly cover - like painting stucco. I got most of the back done, but need to put primer on the corrugated (white square) part before finishing the wall. Don't know why it's there and ain't gonna look.

This is the window I glazed.
I did my first window glazing job on the north window.  The south window has been covered over on the inside and two of the glass panes are gone.  So I am covering it.  My brother suggested, this afternoon, to paint something on the board - hmmmmm, maybe paint a flower box with flowers on that one.

The second job was making a curtain for the back window in the trailer.  This is a special curtain.
If you look hard, you can see the horses and other figures in the fabric above.
This is my step-grandfather with one of his sculptures.
  A number of years ago I acquired this piece of fabric from my stepmother.  I had no idea what to do with it but figured the time and place would come.  Well, as I said in another post, the time and place has come.  The horse style in the fabric reminds me of the style of horses my step-grandfather created in his art deco work of stylized animals.

The finished curtain in my trailer. The blinds
are still there.  I can slide the curtains to
the side or tie to the side.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Time to Spend More Time in the Cool of AC

Thank heavens we are not experiencing as many 100º+ days as last year, we are up to 13 - 100+º days so far this year.  Today was a very cool 90º in our back yard.

The windows in the house are all done now - curtains cleaned, blinds clean, glass cleaned
I know you can't see "clean", but I can.
inside and out, inside window frames painted and the outside frames cleaned, even including the caulking is clean.  I did some touch up on the doorways throughout the house too, since I had the matching paint on hand. I did add some Reflectic to the west windows to cut down the heat coming through the windows.  Works really good.  There is a picture below with the Reflectic in the window.

The new grass in the backyard is looking good, except for the crabgrass, but that's later.

I am 98% done on the trailer's dinette window curtains.  I wish I had made the side additions a little bit longer, so will "fill" in to make the look a bit more balanced.  They are hung on double curtain rods and I can slide the white curtains back and forth and tie them to the side.

My 16 foot trailer does not have a screen door, so a number of years ago I made a screen door, hanging some screen from a shower curtain rod.  It is pretty basic, in fact a bit on the short side.  I intended, one day, to make it longer and wider.  The length was just about 1-2 inches shy of touching the floor and 2-3 inches short in the width.

I added the striped material at top, plus left side.
The day to work on the door screen finally came.  Since I had left over material, from covering the cushion and fixing the length of the dinette valance, I added extra stripped fabric to the top, dropping the original screen down 2-3 inches; I added a band of stripped fabric on the left side of the screen, added 5 grommets to attach that side, via drapery hooks, to the carpeted wall closing off an opening for bugs to get around.  Plan A didn't work, neither did Plan B, Plan C was getting there but it took a combination of Plan D and C to secure the screen.  It is longer and wider now.  I "tried" to add magnets on the right side - the side I pull aside to enter or exit the trailer.  That was part of Plan A;  Plan B included using magnets on the left side to the AC frame.  And, with my pacemaker I didn't really want to add more magnets around me.

As far as more sewing projects go,
I have one more trailer cushion cover to make and and with the left over fabric I am making a hanging pocket organizer.  It will drape over the closet door.  On the side that fits inside the closet, there is a pocket to hold papers - especially my Checkoff list.  The outside will have various size pockets for odds and ends.

So far this year, the expenditures for the projects have been very little.  The striped fabric was purchased several years ago when I covered the boat chairs; the only paint I have bought has been the yellow for the bathroom and the two quarts were $5 for both, since they were a wrong mix for someone else - I had plenty of paint brushes; I bought the drapery hooks (96¢) this year, the grommets last year are left overs from the trailer's window shade project.  I did buy a curtain panel for the house bathroom window ($7), that I split that between that window and the trailer dinette window.

The garage paint job will be another thing.  Paint, new trim, nails.  With the heat hitting us now, the window to work on the garage is in the mornings for just a few hours.

You know, I just remembered I haven't even removed the winter's anti-freeze out of my plumbing in the trailer, . . . . oops another job to do.

Finally, got started on the garage.  The garage is white with some gray trim - that's what the house was like when I bought it.  I added siding in a sage green color with white trim windows; and, then I added a little decorative look to the windows.
West side of garage.
I wanted to match what I did on the house as much as possible - paint, trimming, use of same colors.  The garage was built in the 40's or 50's and is covered with decorative tar paper.
Finished front of garage.
Fortunately, there is a coat or two of white paint
already on, so that will make it somewhat easier applying the sage green color.  I am not going to the extent of giving dimension to the garage windows like I did with the house windows  to keep my costs down.

Still haven't mastered all these Blogspot changes.  Don't understand HTML, so I guess ALL the time, that's why there are these huge spaces, pictures over lettering.  Humph, must be those young creators that don't understand how the older mind doesn't work certain ways anymore.

Well anyway, since I only have the front of the garage done, you know what my next few weeks will be filled with.  I tried a roller brush, but spent more time putting paint on the roller then rollering.  I am using brushes to paint the garage.

Updates on diet:  I have lost 18 pound so far, have 16 more to go.  It's nice to have lose fitting clothes.  I haven't stuck 100% to the diet rules., but still slowly loosing the pounds.  This week I've had cravings for lemon flavorings and ended up buying a big tub of lemon sherbet - hey it's low fat and I left the sugar in it at the store!

Daughter still has my truck to get her back and forth to work.  It'll be toward the end of this month before they start working on it.  The body shop is very popular and they guarantee their work, so she is sticking with them.  She did try a friend's Bronco, but the heat took it's to toll on it between vapor lock and overheating.

Okay until next time.  Back to the garage painting - tomorrow.

PS Made the print on my blog screen bigger - for those of us with aging eyesight, cataracts, and whatever ails us.