Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Long & Short of It

This is my third attempt at getting this blog published.  Blogspot has made changes and I keep hitting something that deletes my postings, even when they have been saved.  Too numerous other weird things going on too.  Picture posting is the pits. Okay, third time is a charm.

I am getting clean windows - plus clean curtains and blinds.  About 5 years ago I had new windows put in my house and in order for the windows to fit, filler pieces were added - they never got painted.  So, as the windows are getting their individual attention, the bare wood is FINALLY getting painted.  Just 4 more to go.  Easy when you match existing paint.

I have been re-working the window curtains in my trailer.  The high day time temps kind of drive me out of there (ya, I could use the AC but then I wouldn't be able to hear the birds or the neighborhood noises), so progress has been slower than I had hoped (but then am working on other projects too).  When I made the original valance for the dinette window, I did not wash the fabric first.  Sooooo, thru some creative experimenting, I am making the valance longer and with fabric that matches my boat chairs I had covered several years ago.  I made my first ever cushion cover too.  Am pretty proud of it, have 3 more cushions covers to make. (I'd post a picture, but it screws up post.  Gotta learn this.)

New grass is growing in the back yard - may not seem much to others; but when you have a back yard with weeds, grass is soooo nice.  I love walking barefoot through the new grass.  Plus, the robins just know whenever I come out side I am going to water the new grass and oh YEA the bugs are flying. Feast time.

I finally finished re-arranging my bedroom and then I discovered all the pictures in the house needed cleaning too; so everybody is getting clean faces.  

Next year I hope to have a yard/garage sale the first weekend in June, when my town has its city wide garage sale; so, have been going through lots of stuff already and daughter's garage is getting full.  Am working on downsizing anyway so great time to "distribute" my soon-to-be someone else's possessions.

Finished the last of the pillowcases for kids and got them in them mail to the rep in Kansas City to distribute to kids undergoing treatments for cancer.  (Here I'd add another picture, same results - ugh.  Yea figured it out! to the right)

Planted some  new zinnias and the annual snapdragons I planted last year have been so beautiful this year.  I hope I can get them to survive another winter.  I m supplementing the existing ones with some new ones this year.  The spot is very protected by the back door.

I witnessed my first ever cicada emerging from his skeleton.  Didn't take very long and once it was dried out, it was gone. They are a pretty green when they emerge.  I have always seen the skeleton after they were gone.  Was an experience and nice to have time to enjoy a creation in nature.

I have been spending a lot of time researching and experimenting with recipes that fit in with my Dukan Diet.  I try this - yuk; and, I try that - yum.  I was so excited that I had reached 15 pounds loss in my quest of losing 30 pounds.  I was so excited about the loss and so excited that I am feeling so good.  Then I discovered the scale I have is off about 5 pounds - not in my favor.   So I wallowed my disappointment in eating a milk chocolate cupcake (no frosting) yesterday.  I have a new weight scale now and pushing onward to really lose that 5 pounds; plus the other 15.

Daughter was coming home from her work at the local mall and hit a deer.  This happened around 12:30 a.m., I headed out to bring her home.  By the time, she got the report filed with the highway patrol and the towing company got her vehicle loaded, it was a little after 2 a.m. when I dropped her off at her home.  Her first experience with hitting a deer so she was pretty shook up - and of course she has all these feelings about her little vehicle disabled.  I know how she feels, been there.  Thankfully, no injuries.  Oh, the deer didn't do so good either.  She will be using my truck for awhile.

Now what the heck,  my paragraphs are repeating themselves.  Gee, am I ever going to get this posted. About ready to hit "Publish".

Let's see, still on the list is paint the garage, get a new jack stand put on the trailer and clean up the trailer.  Keep planting new grass so the robins can have a feast all summer.  Don't know if am going to get the eaves on the house painted this year.  Oh, and son is coming for a short visit in early July.  Not long enough to help me paint the garage though.

That's the Long & Short of It.


  1. WoW! Sounds like you have a lot on your "to do" list! Please don't do too much, we want you healthy!

  2. It's what keeps me healthy! I get bored, start thinking about things, get depressed, give Jim a bad, bad time. Why I hate winters here. Oh, you know the story.