Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not into Feng Shui much, But . . .

I have an awkward room to put the head of the bed in the direction I want to go - 2 windows and 2 doors. I've had it 3 directions - SW, W and North. I would like to have the head of the bed face NE and I may still move it that way squeezing it in the little wall space I have.

The two times I have had the head of the bed facing North in this house, I have not had good night sleeps, minor physical annoyances, rather boring life and so on. The North wall is the south side of the bathroom and that is a no-no because of the negative flow from the toilet.

Okay, by now those not familiar to Feng Shui are saying - "So?" So now my excuse to re-arrange the bedroom is Feng Shui for me.  My Kua number is 2 and according to the Feng Shui Direction Chart, my bed should be facing to the NE for money and success.  I am after a successful chance at money.

So am moving the bed to the NE wall! That way the foot of my bed won't be facing a doorway, my head is against a solid wall and I won't loose energy through either window and I can walk on both sides of my bed for positive inflow during the night! And, I can see the whole room.  Now, let's see have I forgotten anything?

Works for me!