Monday, May 14, 2012

My Body Has Been Screaming at Me to Lose Weight

It's only 30 pounds, but it's finally convinced my mind I need to do something.  I have so many diagnosed food allergies and in tolerances, that I have become dependent, over the years, on carbs/sweets for my existence almost.  Well, we all know what happens then, when your metabolism slows down.  Although with JJ (pacemaker) it has picked up a bit, but JJ still needs help.

Something else I have learned is that food allergies, if consumed especially if you don't know you have them, can make you fat.  I do consume some of the foods on my allergy list to maintain some level of "tolerance" - like foods with soy in them (there are unknown proteins in soy I am allergic to).  There is a book out titled:  "Your Hidden Food Allergies Are Making You Fat" by Roger Deutsch, if you are interested in learning more.

A full-time Casita friend RVSue, is trying out an eating plan that would not only supply me with the nutrients my body needs, but would help me lose the weight at the same time.  It's called the Dukan Plan and has been in Europe for over 10 years.  In looking over the plan, it eliminates carbs and sweets for awhile (oh moan, groan) and will get me started on a better nutritional plan.  For 3 months, for me, the focus is on protein foods (and a lot of them I know I can eat via experience) along with veggies, a lot of those foods are what I should be eating because of my food allergies; and, then for the next 4 months, my base of foods will broaden to include fruits, some starchy foods, a little cheese.  I can have 2 "celebration" meals a week of anything I want.

By the end of the 2nd phase, I should be close to my target/desired weight, the 3rd phase helps me to reinforce what I am doing, and the 4th phase stabilizes everything.  One of the "aids" is the consumption of oat bran daily and lots of liquids.  And, daily exercise (walking is recommended) is another aid.  Oh, and you aren't suppose to let yourself get the hungry feeling either.

There's some stuff I haven't included so there maybe some holes.  I realize it's going to be quite an adjustment to get use to no carbs/sweets; I'll be fixing about the same meals two different ways, because my housemate will be eating regularly.  For example, we want beef enchiladas:  his enchilada will be made with the purchased commercial flour tortilla and I will have a tortilla made with oat flour - I can use my favorite green chiles and the beef will be lean (I won't be able to put shredded cheese on until after the 2nd phase).  I will still be able to have a favorite grilled cheese sandwich with green chile (after the 2nd phase).  So just a little more work in fixing meals and remembering what I can eat.

It's really the first weight loss program I have looked at that I have gotten excited about.  I have already warned housemate Jim that I might be grumpy/grouchy at first.  And who knows,  he might like some of what I fix for myself.  It'll be the opportunity I have needed to cleanse my body of stored allergens during the 2nd phase.  I finally have motivation after all these years.

I am presently going thru my non-perishable food items and checking expiration dates.  If they fall sometime in the 3rd phase and I can use them for my "celebration" day or the stabilization phase or in fixing meals for Jim, then I keep them - if not they'll go to a food pantry or I throw out, depending on how long I've had them.  Am doing the same thing in the refrigerator (and it needs cleaning anyway).  So I haven't started yet.  I will be going to the grocery store laster this week to stock up on allowed items.

I'll post how I am doing from time to time.  If it gives me a lot of problems, then back to my old ways.

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  1. Goood luck! I hope it works for you! I'll keep checing in on your progress!