Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bathroom Painting is Almost Done

I can't believe how long this project is taking. I started at the end of January. I finally had to place a deadline on myself as it was just dragging on way too long. The deadline was last Sunday, now it will be Wednesday.

I've had one accident - I was climbing down the ladder and was on the 2nd step from the bottom when I put my foot onto a tilted bucket and lost my balance. I was mad because I still had a paint brush in my hand and I was getting paint on everything in my way! I was mad because I put my foot on the bucket! I had a little bruising and stiffness for a few hours that afternoon but by evening I wasn't too bad. That was yesterday.

The most time consuming part has been preparing the "satin" paint for repainting. The "satin" paint is below a layer of paint and is an orange color. A lot of the top coat peeled off. I peeled off what I could on the woodwork/walls. I used various methods I read about to roughen the surface. It was just like glass! The walls weren't as bad as the trim. I guess I could have replaced the trim/doors. This is what has been taking so long. I really was concerned about the age of the orange paint and if it was pre or post 70's (suspecting post 70's as there are 3 or 4 colors under the orange that are probably lead-based, so was hesitant about getting aggressive. This house is 93 years old, so am pretty sure there are lead-based paints, though a number of window trim has been replaced - some when my new windows were put in and exposure of bare wood here and there.

Finally, I said the heck with it and started painting. Guess I'll keep a little of the paints handy for touch ups. Grrrrrr. Maybe a blood test might be in order, just in case. Maybe some of my readers can clue me what I encountered.

I still just have a little bit to go, some edging mainly - then cleaning up and putting everything back. Housemate will be glad to find his towels in one place now. Think will take a painting break for awhile. Next painting job is the outside of the garage.

J&J (pacemaker) is doing good, doing good. Two months now and time to send in my 2nd teletransmitting reading on Friday.

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  1. Glad to see you are back on schedule with your projects! We are extremely glad the tornados missed your area!!! Don't work too hard!