Sunday, March 25, 2012

70 Birthdays Down & At Least 26 More To Go!

Yup, that's right. Why at least 26 more to go; because, when I was 22 years old, my dad made me set out 7 goals in life. I have met 6 of those goals and the last one is to live to at least 96 years old.

I must be going through a "remembrance" time. The other morning I woke up and there was a song going through my head that Nat King Cole made famous in 1954. It was a song I HATED! Why was "Hajji Hajji Hajji Baba, Hajji Baba Hajji Baba - always in love" going through my head? I hated the song, I hated the song. Where did this come from? It went through my head all morning.

The next morning I wake up with "A white sport coat and a pink carnation, I am all dressed up for the dance . . . " going through my head. The first song I hear, when my housemate clicks on some oldies music is - yup you guessed it. Is this what happens when you turn into 70?

No biggie plans for today. I wished Aretha Franklin a Happy Birthday as she and I were born a few hours apart and miles away from each other. Daughter is having housemate and I over for BBQ chicken kabobs this afternoon. Son sent a very, very nice birthday card with a nice present enclosed.

Happy Birthday to everyone else celebrating this day in your life.


  1. Happy Birthday, fellowette Casitan! 70 is quite a milestone. Hope the next 26 are healthy and happy and involve a lot more road trips!

    AZ Eileen

  2. Thank you Eileen. Keep up with me! Emily

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Emily! Sorry we missed it! Glad you had a good one! Take your left hand and place it over your right shoulder and at the same time take your right hand and place it over your left shoulder and give yourself a hug from Geri and Chuck!