Friday, February 24, 2012

YaHoo, I am Good To Go

Had my two-week checkup with the Medtronics factory rep and my cardiologist. Well, it seems since I left the hospital I have only used J&J 9.4% of the time for the last 2 weeks in the upper chamber and less than one percent in the lower chamber - 90% of the time my heart has worked on its own. My son said that now that the stress and worry of wondering when I was going to have a fainting experience, is out of my mind I can relax. It's terrible what any kind of stress can do to you. No adjustments to the pacemaker were necessary.

One of the other many things J&J reports is how much "activity" I have done - ahhhhhhh, in the last two weeks it's only been 2 hours worth. Yaaaaak. So I asked my cardio what are my limits and he said the only limit is not to raise my left arm higher than my shoulder for the next 4 weeks - I can live with that. Let's see, I can finish painting the bathroom walls with one arm (ceiling may have to wait), sew up the new curtains, do some spring yard cleaning, clean out my truck, make the kids pillowcases for hospitals, do some work on the trailer - that ought to raise my "activity" hours before my next report in a month.

Now to just get through this bronchitis . . . . .


  1. YaY!!! Life is getting back to normal for you! We are so happy that you seem to be healing so quickly! Life is good!

  2. One always have a plan and a list! Doesn't sound like you'll be bored. Any consellation, I have the Bronchitis and ended up taking antibiotics.... am lots better! Thanks to Los Algodones! Take Care!

  3. ps... I like the new style of your blog!!! Nice! What is the font ???