Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thank You to Everyone

I really, truly appreciate all the comments and support I have received.

I really didn't realize how serious this was until I arrived at the hospital in Hutchinson Ks and was shortly taken into the preparation area. I was given the nickname of "Emily, among the walking dead". Apparently, when the monitor reading was looked at, it showed I had moments of inactivity of the heart (some days 2 or 3 times in a couple of days), in other word I had flat-lined a bunch. They kept asking me if I had fainted because of how long some of them had lasted. Nope. I knew something was going on 'cause I had a lot of the feelings of starting to hyperventilate.

Had many of the heart-vascular staff that I had had when the heart monitor was installed the week earlier. We had a joyful time joking and kidding with each other. Great people at the Promise Hospital. Unfortunately, my cardiologist was not available to do surgery, but his partner Dr Hagley was called in. I liked him almost as well as my regular cardiologist, Dr M. Janif.

I have a dual chamber pace maker that works with both upper and lower heart chambers. It was checked this morning before leaving the hospital and it's working, a greater percentage "charging" the lower chamber. Still not ready to check out to see if will faint when laying or sitting down too fast. Left shoulder hurts too much anyway. Gonna be a slow two weeks before I see my cardio and can quit wearing this arm sling.

Guess, the bathroom painting project and moving the bedroom furniture around will take a break for a few weeks. Daughter Juno and I both slept for 4+ hours this afternoon after getting home. She stayed in my room last night on a cot. Was so thankful she was able to take time off from work and a big thank you to her bosses for letting her.

Thank you again everyone.


  1. THANK YOU for getting to the doctor in time! THANK YOU JUNO for being such a good daughter! You really had Chuck and I worried! I have already lost one good friend this year, not ready to make it two! Stay healthy and know you are loved!

  2. So glad you were a good patient and you are back home and "with us!" Now be a good recouperator and leave the projects for now. As you know, no one will come in and take the pleasure away! :}