Saturday, February 4, 2012

Southern Fried Cabbage meets the Southwest

I am experimenting with my fried cabbage. It's good and I love it but today I wanted to "add" something to it. So I added some Hatch green chile and cilantro. Need a lot more green chile and a bit more cilantro. Hmmmm, maybe next time might add some salsa!

We had snow yesterday and last night - around an inch. Streets and sidewalks were warm enough to melt off the snow.

Been working on the bathroom with getting ready for painting and have a coat of primer on two walls and a light yellow on the same two walls. Ceiling is ready for painting but am waiting on that until I get the other two walls done. Not in any hurry. Hey, that's what's nice about retirement. Haven't found a border paper yet that I like, but since that is the last thing I'll do I have plenty of time to keep searching.

Time to start getting stuff ready for income tax. In glancing thru everything, looks like no tax owed; but, the bad part no refund either. Haven't even looked at the state forms yet. Usually, I have to take part of my federal refund to pay my state IOU.

And, it looks like with the rains we had before the snow, that I didn't get all the leak fixed around the trailer's ceiling fan vent. Well, this time it won't take me long to get to the source of the leak - just some nice weather, open Eggie up and take the fan apart again.

I keep reading my friends blogs and stay up with the various Casita trailer folks I know and how they are traveling around, spending time in the beautiful southern AZ deserts, meeting at Quartzsite, boondocking out in the California deserts - and here I sit. Waaawaawaa.

Won't be much traveling for me this year and maybe next. Besides wanting to get the house fixing up done, am having some medical expenditures that I will tell about later - maybe in the next month or two. Want to report the positive outlook of the whole situation.

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  1. Well, just for a while, you can live it through our eyes! Just want you to get all your projects done and be fit as a fiddle! No chance of having a spell on the road...that wouldn't be any fun at all!:}