Friday, February 10, 2012

A Pace Maker to the Rescue

I mentioned a medical situation in a previous posting. Well, been having too many fainting spells. A heart monitor was inserted in my chest a week ago Wednesday and I sent in my first report this morning to the heart center in Hutchinson ( had to wait for the communication mechanism to arrive here - did last night). Not more than 30 minutes later, got a call from the cardiologists office and they wanted me in Hutchinson ASAP to have a pace maker inserted - no Monday or Tuesday, TODAY. The pauses are too long.

So daughter is taking the afternoon off and driving me down to Hutchinson. I will be staying over night and be back home tomorrow, Saturday.

Now, I will have a new kinship with all the other pacemaker folks out there. Be back later to report how I am doing. Thanks ahead of time for all your thoughts.


  1. WoW! Good thing you had that heart monou back home soon and feeling better!itor installed!!! Hope to see y

  2. Hi, Emily!

    So glad you got this taken care of right away!


  3. :} waiting patiently to hear how you're doing! Thinking of you today!