Monday, February 20, 2012

I Felt J&J Kicking In

Around 10:15 p.m. Saturday night, I was in my recliner reading a book, when all of a sudden I felt my old flush feeling that I would get when the heart would (as I now know) quit working - it's kind of like when you tromp down on the accelerator of your vehicle hard and there is that hesitation before it takes off (at least on older vehicles, it use to do that!) - a hesitation before the heart responded. I immediately started reading my pulse and it was pretty slow at first, then I could feel it picking up speed. Think I counted 60 beats in that minute. Five minutes later I was back up to my usual 73 beats per minute. Now I have a question to ask my cardiologist: Do these sudden starts to the heart muscles cause "wear & tear" eventually?

Thursday I am having lunch with a few of my former work associates; and, then Friday daughter will drive me to my appointment with the cardiologist and J&J's (pacemaker) manufacturer rep to check everything out and make adjustments to J&J. I have been keeping a log of feelings and events to coincide with what they will ask me from the reading.

J&J's battery lifespan is anywhere from 7 to 12 years I am told, depending on how often it needs to give a jolt; my visits for checkups start out frequently and then lessen as time goes on. Each time the battery is checked and when it gets close to the end of its life, then it's time for another pm. I received my "CareLink" (sending J&J's checkups via telephone) the other day and they start out as once a month, then at 6 months I'll call every 3 months to send a report, and so on.

I use to think pm's were for "old" people; but, reading the online support group's comments and answers to questions, there are a lot of teenagers, 20-30 year olds with pm's and a number that are on their 3rd, 4th and even 5th pm. Like anything new one gets into, there is a lot of learning.


  1. Very instructive post, Emily! Glad to see you are doing well and taking good care of yourself.

  2. Hang in there! Good records and good history helps those docs to help you! Good job, I'm just glad it's working!

  3. I just got caught up with your blog! Wonder why it doesn't show up on my blogspot dashboard? I am so glad to know that J&J are always on the lookout for you! I am so very happy you got everything checked out when you did!