Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fried Cabbage, Tai Chi and Onions!

For some reason I have gotten on a Fried Cabbage kick - two days in a row. Maybe that's enough for now. But, but . . . it's so easy to fix.
Here's a recipe I use from Southern I first encountered Fried Cabbage when I visited the Museum of Appalachia in Norris TN in April of 2008. My brother and I use to spend time with my grandparents, when they lived in the little town of Norris, back in the 40's. It still pretty much looks like I remember.

Oh Tia Chai. . . well, I was just reading not only is it good for balance, stress, help your immune system, improves flexibility, but slows bone loss and can show improvement for those with osteoporosis. I knew the other stuff, and use to participate but got out of it, but was not aware of the helping with bone loss. Since this is a situation with my housemate, I wanted to find something easy he (and I) could do together. I have DEXA scans every two years and for the last 8 years, my bone density has declined very little (which is a "whew" at age 70). Jim (housemate) had hip X-rays recently and they showed he has osteoporosis in both hips, not in the one hip as he had several years ago.

Jim was to have his left hip replaced several years ago, but because of some other medical issues, the surgery was put off. It is time to look at this situation again. He is to have a DEXA scan and then a visit with an orthopedic doctor to see what his options are. Meanwhile, we are starting to do tai chi - mainly for balance, muscle flexibilty and slow the bone loss. Also, he is having physical therapy, along with some specific exercises, to strengthen the ligaments/muscles around the 3 bulging dics in his lower back. I found an ebook on Tai Chai and have looked through the first 5 lessons; and, it has not only the video, but a written explanation of each movement to go along with the video. I'll report on the progress later.

Oh, and the onions. In 2005, researchers in Bern found that onions slow the resorption of bone (that is the breakdown of old bone) and in the same year, researchers in England found that the silicon content in onions might be helping in the building of new bone. Silicon is necessary for turning your calcium into bone. And, since Jim and I loooooove onions, guess we'll increase how much we eat.


  1. I used to have a great tai chi dvd a few years ago.... but I gave it away before we moved to NM! There are quite a few dvd's out there, nice to be able to do it at home at your own pace! ( I redid my blog again, to allow for larger photos! Let me know what you think!)

  2. I forgot to say that the fried cabbabe sounds good!