Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Look

I know it's probably a bit juvenile, but that's the way am feeling right now; plus, a new year is coming up shortly and wanted to celebrate that.

Am feeling good for two friends: Mary who sold her RV Park and now she will be embarking on a new chapter in her life; and Sue, who sold her home back in Georgia, bought a Casita and has been hanging around Elephant Butte area in New Mexico, getting her little trailer outfitted with a catalytic heater and solar panels so she can get out there and do her thing with out relying on being plugged into an electrical socket all the time. It's finally done and off she will be going.

Way to go you two. Live your lives.


  1. Hi Emily . . . I'm proud to be called one of your friends.

    I like your new look!