Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Family Christmas & A White One Too.

Monday before Christmas, it appeared that we might have a little snow - maybe giving us a white Christmas. It kept snowing and snowing until we ended up with around 14 inches. And ten days later, it's still there - probably get us through New Year's.

Son Jim, lives in New Mexico and has been coming home to Kansas for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I prefer Christmas.

We had our family time together, we eat, laugh, tell stories, watch TV. I fixed a roast for Christmas dinner with all the trimmings - and lots of wine.

Housemate got a new TV, so a bit of time was spent getting that set up by son (oh, thank heavens for the young ones). I like it better because the sound from his TV stays in the living room and while I am watching mine, the sounds don't co-mingle. My bedroom is adjacent to the living room with door between.

Buster, daughter Juno's dog, got doggie biscuits galore this Christmas and after dinner as we were relaxing, all those doggie biscuits he was given as Christmas treats during the day fart "fragranted" the air in my bedroom where she, I and Buster were relaxing watching TV that evening (well, Buster had konked out and think Juno was there off and on too). Here he is "investigating" my new scarf from friend Sarah.

My son gave me a "tailgate mirror" that I will use when I am hitching up my trailer. I do a pretty good job of aiming the hitch in line with the receiver on the trailer, but it's the last few inches that keeps me jumping in and out of the truck to see how much closer I need to get. I won't be able to "practice" with the trailer hitch for quite awhile due to the snow and the ground being pretty muddy afterwards; so, will practice in the driveway with some object to learn how to use the mirror.

Since the house has only 2 bedrooms, I let son use my bedroom and I stayed in my trailer at night. It's the first time I have stayed in it with nighttime temperatures below 20ยบ. I wanted to try it and see if it was something I could do. I do have the trailer hooked up to shore power, so I could use my electric blanket and run an electric heater. I couldn't do it without my electric blanket I have decided, so would need to be hooked up to some kind of power to last me during the night. The funny thing is that I had to bring the electric heater into the house to warm it up so it would run to warm up the trailer. Just wouldn't start when it was so cold. I have a memory foam mattress, and WOW that mattress was ice cold when I'd first get into bed. Did like how fast it warmed up though.

Jim, Juno and I went to town Monday. Jim wanted to wash all the brine off his car and pick up a few things for his return trip home on Wednesday. We snuck a stop to the Mall Cinema to see War Horse, a Steven Spielberg movie. Oh, it was so good to see a good movie, a tissue movie. I'd go see it again.

We celebrated Juno's 43rd birthday (on Friday really) on Tuesday nite with pizza topped with Hatch Green Chile. Hmmm, she picked out a DQ Oreo ice cream cake and ohhh that was good after eating a "hot" pizza. I gave her a tie-dyed Pink Ribbon Tee shirt I had purchased in Truth or Consequences last October at Dukatt '71.

Wednesday morning we said our goodbys to Jimmy.

No plans for seeing the New Year in - probably about like housemate and I do every year, watch the crystal ball drop on Times Square and then hit the sack. I wish all my readers a good, better or best 2011. I like what Benjamin Franklin once said: "Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man."

Monday, December 26, 2011

Trans Siberian Orchestra - A Bucket List Item

For a number of years I had wanted to attend one of their concerts. I am not a concert goer and my lifestyle is pretty quiet and simple. I don't care for loud noises, flashing lights and all those spectacular things that goes with many concerts. Except for TSO. They are known for their song Wizards in Winter, which is real popular this time of year, especially for those who like synchronized lights on their houses.

Well, my kids made it possible for me to go to their Christmas themed concert in Wichita KS a couple of weeks ago. It had loud noises, fantastic singing and instrument playing, laser lights, spinning lights, fog, and oh pyrotechnics. I was so excited and the show satisfied some hidden craving for everything I normally don't care for - maybe it's a youthful yearning. I loved the athleticism the performers exhibited, was fascinated by the production side and all the mechanical side affects going on. I took these pictures with my phone.

I had not reserved a motel room as I wasn't sure where I wanted to stay. It's just as well I didn't. I was so pumped up that I wouldn't have fallen asleep for a long time, so I headed back home at 10:30 that night. I figured if I pooped out by Newton, I'd stop. Well, maybe McPhereson or Salina. If I didn't stop in Salina I had better be still pumped up to make it home as there isn't much between Salina and Russell. I wound down by the little town of Walker, about 25 minutes from home. Got home around 1:30 a.m. and startled my housemate as he thought someone was breaking into the house and threatened me. Whew!

Thanks kids, it was the bestest.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Look

I know it's probably a bit juvenile, but that's the way am feeling right now; plus, a new year is coming up shortly and wanted to celebrate that.

Am feeling good for two friends: Mary who sold her RV Park and now she will be embarking on a new chapter in her life; and Sue, who sold her home back in Georgia, bought a Casita and has been hanging around Elephant Butte area in New Mexico, getting her little trailer outfitted with a catalytic heater and solar panels so she can get out there and do her thing with out relying on being plugged into an electrical socket all the time. It's finally done and off she will be going.

Way to go you two. Live your lives.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Workamper Employer Wins Award

Owner Mary of High Plains Camping of Oakley Ks was awarded a GuestRated "A" Award - one of about a dozen RV parks in the US to achieve this award for 4 years in a row. This was presented just tonight at the National Association of Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC) conference in Savannah GA.

Congratulations Mary. I have summer workamped at High Plains for two years, so with my inside knowledge, it is a well deserved recognition.

Great going kiddo.

Breaking News: Mary has sold her Park to Jim and Jessie DesRoches, as of today - Dec 7, 2011. Mary, right now, is thinking about packing, training the DesRoches and looking forward to the new chapter in her life. No definite plans.