Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey has been consumed, leftovers are almost gone. . .

Hope your Thanksgiving was a pleasant day and you had something to be thankful for - me I have lots to be thankful for.

Daughter and her dog Buster came over for dinner in the late afternoon. We ate and ate and even Buster got his dogie plate of turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes and yams. Then I think the tryptophan from the turkey crept up on us, even the dog - or was it that we ate so much?

Today, the wind is blowing a bluster from the northwest and my right ear doesn't like it when combined with a cold temperature. I was going into Hays to participate in the Shop a Small Business Day, but my ear said "no". Wind gusts are around 25 mph here in the valley, but see gusts have been around the 50 mph mark up on top where the Interstate is. Ya, good day to stay inside and read - maybe start looking at those projects I need to do in the cellar - replace the old insulation around the water pipes, insulate some of those heater/ac duct pipes I can reach, stuff like that. Oh, there are the wall cracks to fill in, in the bathroom, before painting. Ya, ya, got stuff to do to keep me busy - later.

Glad I got my little boxwood shrubs covered in burlap earlier in the month. They don't like the cold icy winds of winter and short daytime thaws, so this year am trying burlap around the little ones. The bigger ones don't seem to have as much problem.

Son will be coming for Christmas and staying with us. He'll sleep in my bed and I'll try out the Casita trailer during the night when it's really cold. I have not slept in it when the night time temperature is below freezing, but I have a little heater and an electric blanket . . .

Oh, an early Christmas present from the kids will be to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and I'll be going to Wichita to see the show in a few weeks. It has been on my "bucket list" to see them sometime. I am not really a concert goer, but this will be fun. My ears will be ringing! Maybe I can get a picture or two.

Happy shopping.

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  1. Ah, Thanksgiving in the Midwest. It's been many decades since I've spent Thanksgiving anywhere BUT Missouri. The day in San Antonio was bordering on too warm, but I'll take that over those bitter north winds anytime. However, after a big overnight thunderstorm, it actually froze overnight. The Casita has just been 'beyond' cozy here (& in Colorado) tho just from running the heat strip on the A/C. And if the sun's out, even with tinted windows, it warms up pretty fast without additional heat. You're gona love how easy it stays cozy.
    ~~ Glenda ~~