Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Happy Belly Mixed with Some History & The Turtle!

I wasn't feeling quite up to par for a few days, but did manage to really enjoy all that my hosts showed me. We went to breakfast Wed morning at a place called the Happy Belly Deli. It is located next to Groovy Gritz (parking lot between) and the Deli is located in one of those old time motel motor courts, that many of us older readers are familiar with from years ago. There is an outside patio which use to be were one drove into the courtyard. It is open for breakfast and lunch and they make homemade breads and goodies. You can see the "car entrance" behind Geri.

We visited the Geronimo Springs Museum. Outside is a beautiful hand crafted display surrounding the Geronimo Springs. Currently, the Springs were not flowing due to some maintenance issues. The Museum covers the history of Sierra County and has a section dedicated to Ralph Edwards, host of the TV show Truth or Consequences. Here is some history of TorC and how it got it's name changed from Hot Springs to TorC.

The afternoon was spent getting ready to leave my hosts, Geri and Chuck, and head for home. Oh ya, the Turtle. The mountain to the southeast of TorC is known as Turtle Mountain. I had trouble distinguishing the Turtle. Chuck kept telling me I had to wait until the lighting was right before I would probably see the Turtle. It looked like an African elephant to me no matter which way I looked at it. Can you see the Turtle in Turtle Mountain?

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