Saturday, October 15, 2011

Only How Many More Projects to Work on Before Winter. . .?

My gosh, the cold weather will be here before long and I am working as hard as my injured lower back will let me to get as much done outside as possible.

I injured my lower back a few days after I got back home from the Ks Egg-Stravaganza. I have a bulging disc in 5th lumbar which I have had most of my life and it got a bit bent out of shape that day. I haven't been babying it but have slowly and steadily getting my list shortened.

My list consists of 40 projects: 18 I would like to have done by 10/15 (I got 14 done); 14 I would like to have done by the end of October; and, 8 I can work on throughout the winter. Oh, that doesn't include about a dozen other projects around the house, like paint the bathroom, re-insulate and label the water lines - you know stuff like that.

I replaced the 2 chains that hold the cabinet door over the microwave in the trailer. Unlike the newer Casita trailers, my cabinet door opens downward and held level by chains. They broke last summer.

I finally finished all the work on the window awnings for the trailer and since I had so many PVC pieces, I painted the side supports for the awning a bright blue! Now I can tell them from the base pieces. (see an earlier posting dated 9/22/11)

I got my Fantastic Fan, in the ceiling of the trailer, to run. I hesitate doing things with electricity, even if the trailer is unplugged and battery disconnected, it's what happens when plugged back in that scares me. With the schematics supplied by Fantastic Fan along with the new parts, I got them replaced and hee, hee, hee, everything worked! While I had the Fan apart, the fan parts got a thorough cleaning.

While the FF was apart, I attempted to find the leak on the inside. I did some patching and sealing. Now wait for a good rain. LATER NOTE AFTER A RAIN: Welllll, I fixed that first leak but now it's moved to the next two rivets, so it must be running down under the factory installed caulking. Am going to attempt to fix the leaks from underneath, plugging up the rivets from the underside. MUCH LATER NOTE: Going from underneath didn't work. Onto Plan C. I sprayed water on top of Eggie, to simulate a hard rain - and nothing went drip, drip, drip. Now to just await a real rain to see if Plan C worked.

I took off the upper refrig outside vent removing rivets and replacing the rivets with stainless steel screws. This way it will be easier for me to clean the upper vent area along with the refrigerators outside fins. I am hoping this will encourage me to clean more often. In the picture, I haven't trimmed the butyl tape off the edges yet, letting it set for awhile. Was miserable working out there because the gnats have been so bad - and they bite with a bite that stings. Seem to immune to DEET bug spray.

I made a sling in the back of the truck to carry my hoe and the weather station poles. I cut the weather station 8 foot pole in half to make it easier to store when traveling. The two halves are connected with a connector. The hoe is what I use to pull items, that are at the very front of the truck bed towards the tailgate. Climbing up onto the tailgate is waaaaay to hard for me, so hence my "grabber". I also lay strips of leftover fabric on the bed of the pickup, to pull items toward the tailgate.

One project I have been wanting to do, is to make it easier for me to close my "bear locks". A previous owner use to go bear hunting in Wyoming and didn't want any bear getting into the trailer while he and his wife were in there, so he installed two sliding dead bolts on the door - top and bottom. I always had trouble successfully sliding the bolts to their full length because the bolts sat a tad low. I removed the bolts, put a double layer of shims behind to build them up, got longer carriage bolts and wala I can slide the bolts to their full length. I don't use them that much, but may more often now - just to keep the bears out!

Started putting my "summer" clothes away in another closet and pulling my "cold weather" clothes out. Having two days of rain got the fire lit under me to get that done. Son emailed me and said they had frost that morning. Glad am taking my electric blanket. Oh, I know "softie" but I ain't as young as you!

The trailer propane tanks need re-painting, so painted them white and added pink ribbons to each side.

Now that the rains have passed for a bit, I want to get started on making my drying rack, which I will hang off the back of the trailer. This will mainly be to dry bath towel out after a shower or other items - no no personal items. I have been to places where there aren't any trees to string a clothesline up, so the drying rack will do in those instances. NOTE: drying rack is going to wait until I get back from New Mexico. Just too many other more pressing things to do.

I also attempted to temporarily fix a leak in the house guttering at a corner, but suspected will have to reset the corner or replace with a downspout and somehow run the water away from the house/sidewalk in the winter so there won't be ice buildup. LATER NOTE: well that temporary fix didn't work either. At least the drip guard, I have to reinsert from time to time, from the roof to gutter is working! I also took down some bird nests that had been built in the outside roof supports. See the "painted" rock (that triangle shaped thing) sitting up there to discourage them from coming back (works on my front porch)?

It's getting time to start loading up the trailer and heading to NM. Will go to daughter's Day of Caring first and then head out and get as far as I can. I try to stick with the "Rule of 4" when traveling, especially with the trailer. Drive no more than 4 hours, or not more than 400 miles, or quit by 4 p.m. Since it's hard for me to cover 400 miles in 4 to 5 hours of driving, I don't have to use that rule too often. There have been a few times I have stretched it a couple days in a row and paid for it the third day.

Welp, trailer is almost loaded, back of pickup has essentials and a few items for "just in case", i.e my RV antifreeze. Getting the trailer ready is enough but need to get the house ready and check and recheck to make sure the housemate has food for meals, bills are paid, plants get watered and so on.

Didn't get away as planned. Had a "burp" in how I was feeling, so delayed the departure a day. I did make it to daughter Juno's Day of Caring and see her model an outfit from a local business. The Day of Caring's models are all breast cancer survivors and is a fundraiser for the local cancer council. You go Survivors - women and men.

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