Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Time for a NM Chili Run . . .

Having NM green chili withdrawals. I get these when I run out of my supply. I feel this is a drawback at having lived in NM for so long many years ago. Just something about chili grown in Kansas doesn't have the same uniqueness. Oh ya, I could have son send me some, but . . . you know it's not the same as when buying in person - plus, I get to see my son too!

I am feeling better this morning - all those little "bugs" giving me fits and the aches and pains seem to have mysteriously disappeared! Up at 5 a.m. and ready to hitch up but it is still dark out and it is Sunday and the neighbors might not appreciate the noise I'd make. So, will start this posting, read the Sunday morning paper, fix some coffee and eat some of my scones I made.

Today, I will head for Fort Supply OK and spend tonight at the Corp of Engineers (COE) Fort Supply campground. It's only about 200 miles down the road and I'll get there sometime in early afternoon. I don't like to drive far the first day, especially when I haven't pulled the trailer in awhile - driving tension the first day with me is not a comfortable feeling. This will be my second visit to the campground and as how the first time I was there it rained most of the two days, I wanted to see it when it wasn't raining. Housemate and I spent two nights there on our way to see his brother, who lives hear San Antonio, back in Sept 08. October is the tail end of the season there, so I don't expect too many campers in the 110 site campground. The Park is open until Oct 31st this year and I see by their calendar they will be open until Nov 28 next year. The campground opens around the first of May.

Monday, it will be on into somewhere in the eastern side of New Mexico, probably near Portales area and the Oasis State Park, just north of Portales. Been there too and as I remember they had great showers. Tuesday, it'll be on into Socorro.

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