Monday, October 31, 2011

From Ghost Towns, to Tie-Dye and a Turtle!

Sunday morning, Sue and her Crew (two rat terriers) came up to Chloride to meet us. I have been following Sue for some time now. She came to a point in her life where she could travel full time in her Casita with the two dogs. Following her from the decision point to do this to where she is now, has been an entertaining adventure in life. As she says, "Living on less and enjoying life more." I had not had the pleasure of meeting her until now.

The four of us and the now combined "crew" of 5 dogs had a good afternoon, exploring the town, sharing adventures and tales, giving advice and telling of experiences.

Because of the efforts of the Edmonds', other folks have been coming to Chloride and buying property to rejuvenate into living quarters. I hope to visit many more times to see the progress.

Monday morning, the Mothership and it's current little satellite headed to Truth or Consequences, where Geri and Chuck live. What an eclectic town it is. From (old) hippie, to cowboy, to snow-birds from all over the country, to hobo, to southwestern folks, to artists, to the curious. It is also a New Mexican town that rambles in somewhat an organized manner. It is also growing with new businesses on the north end and some "groovy" ones in the old hot springs district. Lots of hot springs. And, soon to be home to the Spaceport America's Visitor Center in the old downtown district.

The first place to eat, Geri and Chuck took me to is a place called the "Cafe Groovy Gritz". Now, the co-owner Joyce is a hippie era lover and along with her co-owner husband Larry, he's a cowboy; hence the name Groovy Gritz. We sat on the "hippie" side, where they claim to have NM's largest lava lamp.

Chuck is decked out in his tie-dyed shirt made by friend Jeff of Dukatt '71, who owns a fantastic tie-dye shop where he can tie-dye almost anything (asked him if he wanted to try tie-dying my little trailer - nope he said).

Well, check out Groovy Gritz when in Truth or Consequences and meet our kool waiter Charles and have a laugh with Larry. And you are sure to come away stuffed. Oh, and don't forget to try a piece of the Groovy Gritz cake. I love to try out local eating places when I travel and this trip has been filled with them! Slim eating at home.

What an end to a great day.

PS The Turtle is coming.


  1. Hi Emily, thanks for your great posts and photos! I also follow RVSue, and it is always a treat when some of the bloggers I follow get to meet up with each other! Since I have so many questions about RVing I try to spread them around to the various bloggers I follow rather than inundate any one person. LOL. Okay, so my question today is: where do the pooches stay when you all are in a restaurant? Or were they "back at the Casita" ? Thanks, and have a wonderful week! - - Jool

  2. Hey Jool, don't mind answering your questions - sometimes that's the way we learn and then either adapt the answer to our need or (worse yet) remember what someone has suggested after the fact!

    My answer to your "dog" question will be in the form of what I have observed, as I don't have a dog that travels with me. In Sue's case, as you may have read, she is adapting her two cuties to stay in the trailer by themselves when she needs to run an errand - to learn that she will be back to be with them. While she was with us in Chloride, she tied the dogs to a post in the shade while she was inside a building. Yes, they didn't like that and let her know but eventually the complaining settled down. She has also left them in the PTV for short periods of time. With her two, it's an adjustment for both owner and pets.

    With Geri & Chuck's 3 dogs, they are content staying in the trailer by themselves while the owners are doing their thing. They also travel very well and love it, but I haven't seen them left in the truck. I have heard Geri say she doesn't like doing that.

    With other traveling folks, I have seen both - in the RV and in the vehicle. On forums, it can be a wide open and long discussion.

    I probably haven't given you a definite answer. I feel it should be what you want and where you are comfortable leaving them and the pet adapts.

  3. Hi, Emily!

    I said to myself, "I guess I'll go see what Emily is up to." I open your page and, "Hey, that's me!" What a surprise! Not a bad photo either.

    Good report on Chloride and TorC!

    Hello Jool,

    Yeah, the canine crew is learning to be left alone. It's a painful process for them and me. They are attached to me most of the time. I'm like a new mother getting away from the kids ... It's such a relief. They kick up the most fuss when I leave them in the Walmart parking lot. It's a wonder I haven't been arrested.

  4. Chuck and I were so happy to have the chance to show both you and rvsue around our stomping grounds! We just got back from spending Halloween in Chloride? After all... what better place to spend Halloween than in a ghost town? This time I also took my 4 wheel drive so we could explore some of the back roads, including Chloride Canyou! YIKES! More in our blog! Thanks for the fun visit!