Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birds, ducks, cranes and geese . . .

I forgot to mention that son and I had dinner at one other of my listed favorite Mexican food places - Frank & Lupe's. Well, ever since Frank and Lupe turned the helm over to one of their children or several, the quality or maybe authenticity, hasn't been the same that made me fall in love with them. Since I got to compare the shredded beef between F&L and Garduno", Garduno's shredded beef was much, much better. F&L sopaillias are drier than I remember, more like puffy crackers. The last 3 times have been a disappointment, so sorry Frank & Lupe's Mexican Restaurant, am taking you off my "Favorite" list on my blog page.

Son came home for lunch, and we went to Socorro Springs for lunch. I had a Hawaiian Pizza, with green chile on it; didn't quite go together in my palates opinion. Back at his home, we said our goodbye. I always get teared up and I watched him walk down the street to his office at the VLBA, there on the campus of New Mexico Tech. Even now as am writing, am tearing up. Sorry son. I even do it when your sister (and Buster) go back home after visiting us - even though she lives in the same town as housemate and I do. Must be a parent thing.

I arrived at Birdwatchers RV Park around 3 p.m. I parked the trailer to wait for Geri & Chuck, knowing that they would need a big site for their 5th wheel. I watched flocks of birds/geese flying around, visiting with incoming folks. When they arrived, they selected a site and I moved Eggie next to them so our doors would face each other. The Park is pretty plain jane, provides water, sewer and electricity and a rest room. Trains are close by but so few of them. The owners are real nice and it's inexpensive. Some of the other folks here are volunteers at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. After getting set, we sat in the shade of The Mothership (as Geri and Chuck call their rig) and talked for a while.

We went to Socorro for a dinner of pizza at the Socorro Springs Restaurant. Chuck and I split an Elfego pizza and Geri had a 49er pizza. My son, Jim, joined us for a little while (ya more tears). We were so stuffed when we finished that it was all we could do to get back to the Park and get inside and ready for bed.

I woke up with the light coming through my window, turned the heater on to warm up the inside before getting dressed. We enjoyed our morning visiting again in the space between The Mothership and it's little spacepod Eggie. Around 11, we loaded up into Chuck's truck and headed over to Bosque del Apache, stopping first at the Visitor Center and getting some pictures of us with the sand hill crane statues. It's a nice drive around the various loops. Unfortunately for us at this time, not many migrating birds are in at this time. We saw lots of ducks, about dozen snow geese, couple dozen sand hill cranes and lots of Canadian geese. The Refuge's peak time starts in a month when there are well over several hundred thousand's of migrating birds here settling in for the winter and when it is time to head back to the nesting grounds.

In mid-November, a celebration is held between the Refuge and the City of Socorro (just about 10 miles north) called the Festival of the Cranes. The Festival draws many birdlovers, school children, photographers and those that are also amazed at the beauty and phenomenon of nature. The RV Park is full, as Chuck found out when he went to reserve a site so that he and Geri could come up. They are going to use the boondocking part of the Park and send a few days here. Geri is a photographer and wants to get some pictures additionally.

The cottonwood trees display such a brilliant yellow this time of the year. The contrast between the green and yellow is so striking. After we had lunch, in the little town of San Antonio (more later on lunch and dinner), we headed back to the Park and just relaxed. At around 4:30 pm we loaded up again and headed for the Refuge to see if we could catch any cranes or snow geese feeding. In the search for them, we found a beautiful "sunset" of cottonwood colors, the sun going down and perfect reflections on the water. It only lasted just a few minutes and we were able to capture those few moment.

We drove back to the areas that were being flooded and found some snow geese feeding across the huge man-made pond and started to drive over there. As luck would have it, they decided to take off. So we turned around and then saw that they were headed to the area we had just left! And, they had landed on the road. We later realized they had found some grain on the road. Now how did they know, from 1/2 to 3/4's mile away there was grain on the road?

As darkness fell, we decided it was time to fill the bellies. A beautiful full day and it will even be more so, for Geri and Chuck, when the Festival is going on as there will be more birds. Daughter reported from back home, that she heard her first flight of sand hill cranes.

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  1. What a fun day! Thank you for introducing us to Bosque del Apache!