Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another delicious meal!

Good morning. Hope you all slept well, especially those of you back home. The local power company had announced a four-hour shut off in town (midnight to 4 a.m.) while they did some electrical replacement thingy - and it happened to be the night for the first hard freeze warning.

Son and I had a good afternoon yesterday. We went to Trader Joe's first but didn't have a lot of time because my appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store was for 2:30 - and I was hungry and everything in Joe's looked so good and interesting. But, did have time to get something for the "grand doggie Buster". Hey Buster, got you some peanut butter treats and Jimmy got you some dried chicken. The chicken doesn't look that good to this human.

Got the bottom of my laptop replaced. Sure glad I didn't have to pay for it as the initial invoice said it would cost $112 for part and labor. It was very busy in there as they were having some kind of sale going on. I had time to observe the make up of the customer base and the work staff. There were two Genius Bars - one for laptops and the other for iPod/Pads (not sure where iPhones went, probably with the iPod/iPad) - this is where you took your problem item. There were 6 to 8 working each Bar. All but one was roughly under the age of 35, all but one were male. All the sales people were under 35 male; and any females I saw were delivering sold products to a sales person or filling in at the "registration desk" where you checked in for your appointment at the Genius Bar and occasionally answering questions. As far as customers went, it was under 35 age - more female than males - mostly looking at the "iPod/Pad/Phone items and hardly anyone looking at laptops (probably where the sales were). As far as customers at the Genius Bars, the majority were over 35 and the majority were female. I did this in the 30 minutes waiting for my repair, so these observations were for that time frame only.

After getting my laptop back and since I was hungry, we went to Garduno's. Located not too far away it was still early for the Happy Hour crowd to show up so we almost had the place to ourselves for an hour. Took awhile to decide what I wanted and I settled on a machaca chimichanga. Here is a copy of their menu. (Click on the green arrows at top left to change pages.) If I had had room, I would have had the chocolate taco for dessert. That's son and I waiting for the meal. And that is our waiter, Cedrick- he was really a great waiter. On my plate, starting at the bottom and going counterclockwise is the side of chile verde con queso made with fresh Hatch green chiles, my chimichanga smothered in quacamole, refritos, sweet corn cake (1st time had ever had that - really good), arroz (rice) and a sopaipilla - the fluffy kind not like the fried tortillas we get in Kansas - and honey. And that's sour cream in the middle.

On the way home, we stopped at a Whole Foods Market that is natural and organic foods. I could have spent a couple hours in there, but the big meal was getting to me. At home, caught up on a couple Sunday night shows and one this morning (Thursday). Now getting ready to jump into the truck and head south. Geri just called and said they might be late as the part that is needed for Chuck's air bags in his truck hasn't arrived yet.

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