Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Week At 2011 KS Egg-Stravangaza

What a great week - weather wise and event wise. I left my laptop at home and had my cellphone only for emergencies (most of the time didn't have any "bars" anyway). As my daughter said: "You are going to be unplugged?" YES, YES, YES.

It was a week to talk face to face with others, be entertained and entertain. I learned so much more about those that I already knew and some interesting little life experiences from those that were new to me. And, there were a number that I knew through the Casita forums but had not had a chance to meet in person. I felt like I was living as humans were suppose to live!

We'd meet in the mornings for coffee at the host's site. Some days there were a few activities planned and other days there wasn't much. We'd get together in the evenings for grilling or potluck or both then we'd gather around a campfire to chat more. We had lunch together at a Mexican restaurant in Junction City one day and it was so good I went back two days later to have another of their margaritas and a chimichanga with green chili sauce.

We toured each others trailers and picked up ideas. I got so many ideas myself. I shared my new outside window shades that I made, my sandbags (blue things on ground) to hold down the awning strap. I took some of my ribbon windsocks (hanging off awning in picture of trailer) and sold 9 of them - got my extra 2 nights paid for plus my 2 lunches.

I decided to go a day earlier and stay a day longer leaving on Monday. Glad I did as so many others had chosen to do the same thing. Three Casitas were already there when I arrived on Tuesday and nine of us stayed over until the following Monday. There were 21 Casitas altogether with a few leaving on Saturday, one arriving on Saturday and the others leaving on Sunday, with our friend Rob coming in late Saturday night after the gates closed. He stayed in his trailer outside the gate. He was suppose to be with us from the beginning but needed to do a series of medical tests in Houston that week and drove like h*** to join us.

Lot of the folks had Larry G do some new mods (modifications for those not familiar with the term in RVland). Larry has been around Casitas quite a few years and has a little business to help Casita owners with repairs or mods. He travels the Casita Rally circuit. I had him come look at my ceiling fan, which had quit working. He didn't have the potential parts needed and I ended up calling the manufacturer for the parts - which they would send to my home at no cost to me. Great folks at Fantastic Fan. Anyway, Larry didn't charge me 'cause he couldn't get it fixed. I bought a new high rise faucet for the kitchen sink which I had been wanting. Had a little bit of trouble putting it on, but it worked and Larry came by later and checked everything out. [Note: fan is still not fixed as had unloading things to do and then hurt my lower back- not unloading the trailer.]

Some of the mods I can do is to make a clothes drying rack to attach to the rear bumper, when parked; extend my weather station pole up another 2 to 4 feet and make a holder for it; use a 7/16th socket wrench to hold an acorn nut when putting in a new rivet around the cabinets (takes two people to do that) inside; use stainless steel screws to replace rivets in upper refrig outside vent so can clean easier; do a gray water tank air vent release; and get some long painting roller poles to give side support to the awning when it's extended. Oh, and perhaps a flag holder for my three flags I put out front on the trailer - American, Kansas and a Pink ribbon flag. I was able to add 4 more survivors names to my Pink Ribbon Flag.

We had lots of time to just visit and share and lots of time to ourselves if we chose. Am glad I went and I have it down on my calender for next year at the same time. Only next time, I'll either wear long pants the whole time and/or spray my legs so they won't get bit 50+times by black flies. Oh my, do they itch (scratch, scratch).

Thanks to Jan T of Sister Act Photography, Council Grove KS for the group photos at the beginning and end of the video and the one of Eggie and I. I apologize for the fuzzyness in the pictures, if you go full screen.


  1. Looks like you had a very good, well deserved vacation! We are so dependent on technology, that going "unplugged" is very commendable! I don't know how we lived without "connection" sometimes, but then I find out a day or two at a time, is good!

  2. Wow, I love your window awning! I'm glad you got a chance to attend the rally and have a good time!