Saturday, September 24, 2011

Re-reading some Old Posts

I have gone over a few posts from a few years ago and have some notes:

I am so happy to report that daughter Juno is coming up on her 6th year as a cancer survivor. Am one big and proud mama. The experiences between us has, since then, been "mama proud". I have met so many survivors since then and they have amazing stories about their lives since. I feel a kinship with them.

My friend Bonnie that I visited in Paris KY back in April, 2008 was recovering from her 6th treatment of breast cancer when I visited her. She passed away in July, 2010. My friend continues to be an inspiration to me. I do miss her physical presence.

And as a recap: In the Fall of 2008, I took my housemate to the San Antonio area to see his youngest brother and we traveled westward to New Mexico to stay with son in Socorro. That was the first time I had traveled with someone else in my trailer.

I retired from the work world in June, 2009. It's been an adjustment but I still manage to spend time in my little Casita. I took a few months and traveled northward through Nebraska, the Dakota, into Iowa with wonderful experiences and new friends.

Last November, I visited my brother in So Calif. I drove out - without the trailer. Stopped off along the way out I did see some old friends in Gallup, NM and took some time to do some sightseeing. I stopped in Socorro to see son, Jim, before heading home.

This year I made a trip to Mackinac Island for a wedding at the Grand Hotel in early August, with a couple of long-time girlfriends. It was a fast trip. The Grand Hotel is such a beautiful place and I did see some areas that I would like to go back and explore. Then I spent a week at Milford Lake with other Casita owners, just kibitzing. I am hoping to squeeze in a couple more short trips before it's time to winterize the trailer.

I did workamp last and this summer for Mary, owner of High Plains Camping in Oakley Ks. It was a great experience and I was doing activities that I liked doing. There was so much variety and the wonderful experience of meeting so many people.

In between trips, I am working on house repairs or maintenance projects, same with the trailer as I keep seeing things that I would like to have or improve upon. If I am taking it easy, it's reading a book or working on my ribbon wind socks.

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