Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Egg-Stravaganza Gathering

I joined 21 other Casita trailer owners at Farnum Creek Campground on Milford Lake, near Junction City Ks for 6 nights. Originally, the get-together was suppose to be at another campground but due to an abundance amount of water in Milford Lake, the area where we to gather was under water. The Corps of Engineers have been unable to release any water from the Lake due the "flood" stage of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers at this time. The Republican and Smokey Hill Rivers join together at Junction City, forming the Kansas River which later joins the Missouri River. Farnum Creek Campground had the same problem, but that Park's Loop A had fewer sites underwater and still gave us enough sites for all of us.

Another thing we had to be aware of was the accumulation of a dangerous blue-green algae in the water due to the Corps inability to let water out, as stated above. This algae has an unpleasant history of killing family pets and also causing the death of several people.

Prior to leaving, I wanted to get at least one of the new window shade awnings done. It didn't look like I could get both of them done, along with the cleaning, repairs, and stocking the trailer, plus getting set up at home. I used an idea submitted by Sue and Sandy, on the Casita Club Forum. I added extra grommets for the use of more suction cups to both the top and bottom when it is windy - think that comes from living in windy western Kansas. I wanted to try out my new coffee maker that is in a blue color to match a Casita blue.

Monday, (Labor Day) I woke up to a very cold morning - 44 degrees - brrrr.Couldn't wait to get through breakfast and get started on chores for today: clothes lined up, food items needed; getting hitching up jobs done; putting the water heater anod back in the water heater - the day is not going fast enough. A little excited - You bet I am. Only thing I couldn't get done was to put my "4 Winds Trailer Quilt" spare tire cover on the spare tire - it was getting late in the day and I was tired, so just left it off. It needs some repair work done anyway - the vinyl had dried out and was cracking. Hate the idea of doing a new one with the "4 Winds" quilt block on it. Juno came over for chicken enchilada dinner.

Tuesday, spent a lousy night trying to sleep and it was cold again - down to 48 degrees. I finished up the "hitching up" jobs. Oh boy, was I slow - Note to self: must get out and hitch up more often. Thank heavens for my checklist, as I forgot to do a couple of things. Oh heck, I am ready to go - let's do it! Housemate Jim, came out to check trailer's rear lights - oops forgot to plug trailer electrical cord into the truck!

I am heading to Farnum Creek Campground a day early. I am ready. Oh my gosh, I am really heading out and pulling Eggie. I am going over everything I might have forgotten . . . Doing okay there, stopped in Hays to pick up a few things, got back on Interstate 70 and headed east toward Junction City. It felt sooooo good. The only odd feeling was that I wanted to put on my flashers indicating a "slow moving vehicle". I drive around 60 mph and vehicles were flying by me at 75-80 mph! It's not a good feeling when you see someone coming up behind you and then they realize you are driving a whole lot slower than they are. I made it to Farnum Creek Campground around 5:15. Whew! (See next post on the week of activities.)


  1. Thanks Kim. I added a little extra, painting the side supports in a blue color so I could identify those pieces quickly. Has been a fun challenge for my brain. My next project is making a clothes drying rack to hang off the back when camping with the extra PVC pipe. More later. I enjoy reading your blog too.