Monday, September 19, 2011

Bro & I Live Back in Time

He's been my brother for 66 years now and I wouldn't trade him for any other guy. Oh ya, there were times when we were growing up - who doesn't with their sibling(s). I remember dad boosting me up to look through the window in mom's hospital room to see my new brother. I don't know if I understood about having to share space and my parents attention but it has worked out good.

Well, the males made it through the 9 days together. And Bro wasn't leaving until the following Tuesday, so we had some time to go exploring. Tuesday we had an honest-to-goodness tornado threat and the tornado sirens went off. My brother was getting an education on Kansas weather. He made it through the tense moments.

Wednesday, he and I went to the Ellis Museum, which is primarily about the railroad history of the town. I was primarily interested in any pictures of the 100 year flood that took place in 1957. There were a few pictures available showing many existing buildings that are still standing. My little house went through that flood and one or two others in it's lifetime. The creek that contributed to the flooding is called Big Creek. Daughter's house is located along the Creek and there is a marker on a light pole marking the depth of the Creek at that time during the flooding. Her whole street and houses along both sides were flooded. And the bed of the creek is around 35 feet below the base of her flooring.

Bro had also seen some old vehicles in the back yard of the local lumber yard. We went by to get permission to take some pictures. Several of the vehicles are owned by the Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood Home & Museum and they don't have any place to store them inside, so the local lumber yard is keeping them for the Museum. A number of vehicles donated to the Museum have been donated by the Walter P family. There is a circa 1940 delivery van, 1950's Dodge carryall and a 50's De Soto.

Thursday, we drove out to see Monument Rocks (also known as the Chalk Pyramids), Keystone Gallery, Fick Fossil Museum in Oakley, along with the Buffalo Bill Bronze Statue, telling how BB got his name; and, take him to see where I have workamped at High Plains Camping the last two summers and to meet the owner and Neighbor Mike. On the way to the Keystone Gallery, we passed the ghost town of Elkader - uh oh that got my bro's interest. When he got home he dug into the history of the area.

Friday was spent doing household chores. Bro asked if I had a box as he said there was no way he could get all his clothes back in the bag the efficient way his wife packed his bag. So we packed a box of dirty clothes and sent them home.

Saturday, bro and I went to see Cowboy and Alien. I liked that movie.

Sunday, daughter, bro and I went to the Blue Sky Farm that raises miniature horses. It was interesting and the owners, Marion and Donna, told us a lot of interesting information about miniature horses and all about their horses.

We also took carriage rides.

And, I had to get some "family" pictures:

And then it was time to say good by (until next time) at the train station back in Dodge City. It was so much fun catching up, talking about funny things that had happened when we were youngsters and learning some more about each other.

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