Friday, August 5, 2011

On The Way to a Wedding . . .

My brother arrived and we got to spend a few days together before Sarah and Sherry picked me up on Monday, to head to Sarah's daughter's wedding on Mackinac Island, Michigan. Bro volunteered to stay with my housemate while I took off.

Bro and I toured the Dodge City Boothill & Museum Thursday morning after meeting Sarah for breakfast. I showed him around Dodge City pointing out historical things and answering his questions. We also got a great tour of the Santa Fe Depot, going thru the Fred Harvey part, railroad section, up stairs and into the Theater where they have great productions throughout the year. We arrived at home around 4 p.m. and spent the rest of the day getting situated. Because I live in a
2-bedroom house, I let my brother have my bedroom and I slept in my little trailer.

On Sunday, bro, daughter Juno and myself went to the Ellis County Historical Museum where he could learn more about the history of the area. While we were there a busload of around 50-60 visitors from Illinois showed up; and, just as they were to leave the bus a big downpour caught those folks getting off the bus. The rain was very welcome as there has been so little of it in this part of the country this year though.

Just the night before I picked up my brother, our little town had experienced a micro burst, causing a lot of tree damage, some building damage and downed power lines - power was out all over town due to a metal barn roof flying into the town's main incoming power line (power was restored around 8 hours later). The two rains together, provided us with 6.1 inches of rain in just a little over 24 hours - along with flooding in some areas and a semi-truck blown over on the nearby Interstate.

Monday morning at 9 a.m. Sarah and Sherry were suppose to pick me up. Nine-fifteen came and went, 9:30 was slipping by and at 9:45 the girls showed up.
They had headed westward on the Interstate at WaKeeney and soon realized that I didn't live that way and had to turn around and backtrack some. Finally we headed out and drove eastward to Salina, then headed north on US-81. We took US-81 all the way to Volga, SD for the first night. We saw cornfield after cornfield, soybean field after soybean field and lots of little towns in-between.

In South Dakota, we added water, water everywhere to the list. The big and even little rivers were still flowing pretty dang good. In fact, when we got a little past Arlington SD, we encountered one of those DOT signs that warn you of possible delays, etc up ahead; well, this one warned us of "water on the roadway ahead". We drove and drove and just when we were thinking it wasn't going to happen; bingo over a hill and the next half of a mile was under water. I couldn't get to my camera fast enough to get a water over the road picture but did get one towards the end of this section as we were climbing out of the little dip in the road. Yes, we drove thru the water as other vehicles were making it through. So we gritted our teeth (well, Sherry did a bit more and did a bunch of praying) and took off hoping that a recent hole hadn't developed after the last vehicle went by (we pretty much took turns) or a big semi would approach us. We did have some guys in a bass boat approach the roadway as we were going by and we had visions of him casting his line at us (as he was doing it in our direction) and snagging something on the car. We didn't want to think any further than that. We made it to Volga SD and spent the next two nights with Sarah's cousin Ila.

Next posting will be about our day in Volga and Brookings South Dakota.

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