Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On The Way to a Wedding . . . (Part 4)

We rode the Star Lines over to the Island. This particular line has a spray of water out the back, much like the "rooster tail" you see behind jet skies. I asked if the tail had an integral role in the propulsion of the boat - or was it for show. And Jeff's response to me was "Whose boats can you see way out there in the distance and instantly know which one is ours?" The Star Lines are the only one of 3 ferries ferrying people and freight out to the Island, that has the rooster tail.

Here is our first glimpse of the Grand hotel, on one of the highest bluffs on the Island. What a view looking up towards it.

Our first view coming into the harbor. A lighthouse greeted us as we rounded the jetty.

This (right) St Anne's Catholic Church was hauled over to the Island in 1780, via the "ice bridge" which forms during the wintertime.

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