Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On The Way to a Wedding . . . (Part 3)

Oops, forgot we had one more night on the road before boarding the ferry to Mackinac Island. I was so anxious to get here and now as I am writing this, it is time to leave. Mother Nature has decided - oh wait I am getting ahead of myself.

Wednesday night we stayed in Wausau WI in a hotel downtown. Drive was fairly vanilla with a little dab of whipped cream here and there. We drove through Amish country around Lewiston, MN, saw lots of folks on motor cycles heading west (probably Sturgis), lots of yellow and white wildflowers, lots of wind farms, we saw cranberry bogs around Tomah WI, learned what potats are, and saw lots of cornfields, and a very bad accident on the Interstate (I-39/US-51) a few miles south of Wausau.

We stayed at the Jefferson Street Inn, located in downtown Wausau. A very nice facility, though I had a rough night. Some ingredient in my dinner meal, was not acceptable to my body and I had an allergic reaction - a strong one for me. It didn't require an epipen or trip to the hospital, but my throat did swell up. Consequently, I didn't finish my meal. I did manage to get some sleep that night in between my body doing it's job of ridding itself of the unwanted.

(Wow, all the ferry boats are coming into the harbor at once - probably to catch all the early departures on this Sunday morning. I guess we are leaving the Island around 11:30 as got a text to place bags outside the room door by 9:30 a.m. and breakfast at 8:30. My bags are ready.)

Okay, back to the trip. After having breakfast at a recommended cafe called The Mint Cafe, just around the corner from the hotel, we headed north on I-39/US-51 to WI-64 at Merrill. We drove and drove at a very slow speed as the speed limit was 55 almost all the way across, except through the many small towns, and the majority of drivers ahead of us were very law abiding. I remarked to Sherry, that the further north you go the drivers must take their time to enjoy the scenery while the further south you go, the drivers hurry up to get out of the heat.

We arrived at Marinette WI around noontime but not yet seeing Lake Michigan. Had lunch at Perkins and headed north on US-41 toward Menomiee MI. And wala, there was Lake Michigan. We headed north until the intersection of MI-35, then followed the coast hoping that we would get to see a lot of the coast - not! We saw a lot of trees. And again, the back sides of leisurely driven vehicles. Course, didn't help that we were somewhat in a hurry to get to St. Ignace MI to catch a ferry before it got dark. At Escanaba, we headed northeastward on US-41/MI-2 towards Gladstone and then onto MI-2 eastward to St Ignace.

We finally arrived a little before 7 p.m. (EDT) and the next ferry wasn't leaving until 7:30. Whew! Ah, here comes our ferry - people and freight only. We're holding on and the girls are ready to head out. Only transportation allowed on the Island, is your two feet, bicycle, or horse-drawn carriage/drays. There are emergency vehicles, if needed and an airport for emergency purposes. It's a step back in time -well, almost.

Next posting will be some little things we learned on the way to the Island, via the ferry's enchanting tour guide - us girls had him all to ourselves.

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