Saturday, August 6, 2011

On The Way to a Wedding . . . (Part 2)

As I mentioned in the previous posting, we spent 2 nights with Sarah's cousin Ila. This area is where Sarah grew up - Lake Preston area - where family lived and lives, where family is buried. She went to South Dakota State University (yea Jackrabbits), in nearby Brookings and is a staunch supporter. Believe me, I know how strong a supporter she is! She is so much more than I am of Kansas State, where I graduated from.

We ate breakfast at a Perkins in Brookings, then visited the McCrory Gardens located on the campus. Along with the green velvet lawns, the flowers were just gorgeous. The Gardens are maintained by student workers as well as volunteers. Here are some pictures:

In the Gardens, there is a little building that looks like a doll house, or a dwarf's house, or , , , Sarah remembers it as a one-pump gravity fill gasoline station from Lake Preston. Look at it now - along with the three of us standing in front of the little gas station:

After spending a good part of the morning at the Gardens, Sarah took Sherry and I on a tour of the campus; stopping at the Student Union Book Store to stock up on SDSU "spirit" items. She drove us around the downtown area of Brookings, which has been beautifully restored and we stopped at Nick's Hamburger Shop and had, what are now called sliders, mini-hamburgers. The mini-patties are cooked using a tank fry method and that's the way it has been doing it since 1929. I indulged in a very, very thick strawberry/pineapple malt - this lasted me all afternoon.

One thing that Sarah really wanted to do, was visit her mom and dad's grave. Sherry and I both knew her mom and she was a very special lady to us. When Sarah saw that lichens were starting to cover the headstone, she was determined to get them cleaned off. To a nearby grocery store, the two came out to the car loaded to clean and scrub the headstone. And, now it looks so much better.

After a supper at a local restaurant, all of us including her cousin Ila, went back to the same cemetery and looked for the graves of some other family members. We found some and some we didn't. It was a good evening for all of us, including me.

Tomorrow we leave for St Ignace Michigan to catch a ferry over to Mackinac Island and our stay at the Grand Lodge.

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