Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On The Island, Pre-Wedding . . . Part 1

Most of this will be recollections as I didn't take too many notes from here on out. I'll probably inject something out of context here and there, but it all ties in.

Most of my time up to the wedding, was spent exploring and learning about the Island and it's interesting facts. And not having any motorized vehicles makes it even more interesting. Sarah was able to go along on a carriage tour of the Island with Sherry and I. She did leave about half way through as it was getting close to rehersal time.

I was very fortunate to have a room on the 2nd floor and on the porch side. There are 360+ rooms and each one decorated differently. Here are some room pictures along with the veiw from my window.

I could also see freighters passing by each day on their way through the Lakes via a series of locks. We also learned of the only way freight was delivered to the island. In the picture below, are 2 trucks on a freight barge. Each morning these trucks are ferried over to the docks. The trailers are unloaded onto the dock and the tractor/trailers are then taken back to the mainland without having set a wheel on the dock. The freight is loaded onto a dray and the freight is delivered for the day via the horsedrawn dray. The freight barge also delivers feed and grain for the 600+ horses on the Island every week I was told; plus, any other types of freight.

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