Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Workamp Experiences This Year

Think I am going to just do blurbs of experiences this time. Eggie and I will be heading home next week. There could be a medical situation with my housemate that may need to be addressed next week, so may have to cut my work experience short by a few days. I didn't get very many pictures this year as I kept forgetting to bring the camera out, did use my cell phone camera a few times.

Well, I am home now and I packed away my list of Blurbs, so until I find it I will just wing it. . .

I like this quote I ran across: "The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see." --G.K. Chesterton


In May, the Miller moth was all over the place - in the showers, hiding under the toilet seats, getting tangled in my hair, in the office under stacks of paper, even fly out when I opened the laptop used for guest registrations. They weren't as bad as in 2010 though. In June, it was suppose to be the hard back beetle we call June bugs - they didn't show up until July, what few we had.

In late June and most of July it is the crickets. Oh those noisy crickets. They loved the showers. Most of the ones I would sweep up were dead or pretty dang close to it and wouldn't give me much trouble - but those that still were hopping around presented a challenge to keep them in the dust pan 'til I could dispose of them. Do you know what it feels like to have one go down the front of your shirt? Well, I don't either but do know what it feels like when one hops on your head. Then the mosquitoes came and just before I left, the gnats and their swarms.


All Smart became my friend back in June. I first encountered him one morning when I was walking to my trailer from the office. There is a telephone pole between the trailer and office and there was this little cottontail. The front half of his body was in the shade of the pole and the back half was in the sun. So I initially called him "Half-Smart". I saw that I could recognize by a nick in his left ear.

Soon Half-Smart's name was changed to "All Smart" as he learned to get his whole body in the shade - under my trailer. He dug him a little hole beside the tire that got the morning sun and that's where he would sit all day, occasionally venturing out. At night he'd "go home".

He'd stay
put even when I would enter the trailer, just looking at me with his really big eyes. If I got down on my hands and knees to try and get a picture of him, he'd run off. Finally, I was able to get his picture with my cellphone.

On my last day, I had removed the tire cover in the early afternoon. When I approached the trailer later, All Smart was sitting under the back end of the trailer and he just looked at me as to say "Where's my cover?" When he moved out from under the back in to close to where I was and beyond, he stopped and looked at me then ran off to hide under another vehicle - Mary's car. I didn't see him again. (Opps, the picture won't enlarge when you click on it - he's by the tire.)


This hot weather is just everywhere. I get as much outside work done as soon as possible and then get inside. I gotta hand it to those folks who work out in this heat (or the cold for that matter). You know you hear: The older I get the less I can take the heat/cold. Well, you youngsters - it is true. Tonight, as I am writing this a beautiful sunset took place. I had to capture it on my cell phone. In fact, it's my last night here as a situation at home needs some attention and
all of next week is in the 100's and ain't much work gonna get done outside around here and there are only so many times I'll clean a restroom a day! Next week was to be my last week anyway. We had a very much needed thunderstorm this afternoon leaving us 1/2 inch or so in less than 30 minutes. Had a little hail mixed in it too. The big thunderheads have stayed around and, ummm, there could be more later.

May and June, at least were fairly nice months, although early June hit us with 100 temperatures and it was a bit hard to get use to - it also was an omen of what was to come. Average temps in July, around here are in the low to mid 90's. I said AVERAGE TEMPS ARE IN THE LOW TO MID-90's Mother Nature.


This year again, the custom wheat harvesters were here. They start coming in around the 2nd or 3rd week of June and stay until the week or so after the 4th of July. We didn't have as many this year as last year due to the fact that wheat in some areas was so bad that the farmer plowed the wheat under and perhaps planted corn or will do some other crop, so a lack of acreage to harvest. The custom harvesters come from California, the Dakotas and a few other states. If it rains, they don't get in the field and the crew has some downtime either spent working on equipment or watching the movies the Park has to loan out. One crew ate a lot of ice cream. They are a great bunch of folks and enjoy visiting with them while they are here. Feed corn is growing pretty high and the sorghum milo is just planted. It isn't harvested until early winter. I haven't seen as many sunflower fields as last year. Soybeans are also grown around this part of the state.


Traveling along I-70 is down somewhat from the previous 2 years. Mary keeps very detailed reports each year and this year is in somewhat comparison with 2008. Last year was a very good year and 2009 was almost as good as '10. We haven't seen as many of the big motor homes(40+ footers) this year, about the same on 5th wheel trailers and an increased number of 30 footer or less travel trailers and lots of tenters. Those with families haven't traveled as far as the couples (non-retire or the retirees) and the majority are headed to Colorado, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone (though heard because of the flooding of the Yellowstone River, it's hard to get into the Park). Favorite places in Colorado in the early part of summer is Colorado Springs, then the choices move up to Estes Park. We see a lot of folks from southern states with Florida leading the list. We've also had a good number stay with us from Arkansas and Missouri. Those headed northward on US 83 are mostly from Texas. In the early spring, the Park has the snow-birds heading northward to home and then Mary sees them again starting in late September heading southward.


Don't read if you are eating. As I said, one of my responsibilities here is to clean the restrooms. The RV Park receives lots of rave reviews including how clean the rest rooms/showers are. I work hard at helping to keep those reviews coming. For the most part our guests are respectful of the cleanliness and do their part; BUT there are some. . . In this Park, the women's restroom/showers are easy to clean and not much mess is made; but sometimes the men's is different and it often takes me a bit longer to clean. I don't mind the dirty hand prints left on the sink/faucets or the dirty footprints on the floors or even the crickets that get mashed on the floor; but I wonder if some men know the relationship of their butt hole to the toilet seat he is sitting on? And, once if he even knew which way to sit on a toilet seat! There was one time that sitting on the toilet should have been done instead of in the shower! So here's a CHEER for all of you who have had to in the past or are now cleaning public restrooms (including my brother - oh, his stories are really gross; and for my daughter). Now, I will say that overall the toilet seats are left down and even some gentlemen put the lid down - some woman has trained those men well.

Okay, am doing this backwards so hope I come up with ten blurbs.


  1. You can say a couple of things about your Adventures..there's always room to learn something new, and your life is anything but boring! Have a great vacation..You most certainly have earned it! Stay away from cleaning any bathrooms for a while! lol

  2. Emily,

    I've really enjoyed following your blog.

    Thanks so much for the wise and reassuring comment you left on my blog entry regarding stress.

    You've been a big help!