Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welllllll. . . , Am Getting Ready for Pleasure & Punishment

I am going out to High Plains Camping again, out in Oakley Kansas, to work for 3 months this year. Last year I worked 4 months, but this year I have some activities in August that I had already committed to.

I'll take my little travel trailer out toward the end of April and work till the 28th of July; head home and get ready for a road trip with my friend Sarah and Sherry and Sarah's cousin to Mackinac Island, Michigan. We'll be attending Courtney's wedding at the Grand Lodge. Courtney is the daughter of Sarah. Unfortunately, we won't be able to make this much of a leisure trip as Sarah has to be back home to get ready for school staff start-up day in August.

I have plans to attend one or two trailer rallies this Fall or do a little traveling around somewhere.

Since our weather has turned so unseasonable warm, I have been able to get out early and start cleaning up garden debris, trim the roses, replant a couple new shrubs, "think" about what annual flowers I need. I bet a lot of other folks are doing the same thing. But, have to hold back as there could be a few more cold nights coming up in the next few weeks. Usually, after the 20th of April I can start actually putting plants in the ground. Our temperature got up to 87〫today, so you can see it's hard to control oneself.

Am trying hard to get my body and muscles ready. I had a pretty soft winter and didn't get outside much as my asthma made sure of that. I did get on the treadmill almost every day though.

I am also patching cracks in the plaster walls inside my house. The previous couple of winters have been very wet and lots of water under and around the house in the soil (we also live close to a lake here in town and the lake had been very full) and the house settled some. But, this last winter was pretty dry, as evidenced by the sump pump, in the cellar, not starting to pump out water until March 14th. The previous two winters, the pump started on November 1. The pumping usually quits sometime in early May when the trees and shrubs start pulling the water out of the ground for their use.

I am waiting for the day in the next couple of weeks, when I can take the trailer to the car wash and give that little friend a good bath; then, get some wax on this year. I didn't do that last year at all, so Eggie needs it this year. Other plans include, replacing some of the lights with LED lights, getting a new air conditioner and replacing the converter with a more "battery friendly" one. I had a new refrigerator installed last fall and want my tires to last until next year.

Think I forgot to mention that last September my truck was hit by some really big hailstones as I was coming home from a doctor appointment in Great Bend. I had over 200 dents, my tonneau cover was cut, lamp covers cracked or broken and a few other things. The body shop did a good job of popping out the dents and Big Red has a brand new tonneau cover. I have never been in a hailstorm like that in my life.

Will post more activities later as I head out to Oakley to work.


  1. Sounds like you have a busy summer planned out! Hope we get to see each other sometime soon! We leave FL in one week headed to Lake Greeson Arkansas, then on to NM!

  2. well, you're really in it already. I follow the Campground on my Facebook...I was wondering. Glad for you that you are going to travel in August, however the 1st part of August we are planning on being in Oakley and hoped for a catch up visit! Maybe next time!You really changed this blog! Good for you!

  3. Emily, love the Mark Twain quote and always enjoy your postings. Every time I see the bad weather move through Western Kansas I think about you. It has been a rough summer with the heat and storms.

    Safe travels,