Sunday, January 9, 2011

Palm Springs, shop, shop, shop & a little wine. . . .

What a time to write some more on my blog, after the tragedy that happened in Tucson AZ Jan 9th with Congresswoman Griffords and others with her. Oh my, oh my . . . . . God is watching over all of them.

I am now on my way to Palm Springs and spend time with my friend Annie. Annie and I met each other in Idyllwild CA in our very early teens (ya, that was over a half century ago!). She and her family lived there and I and my family spent summers there. I don't recall the exact meeting but we had so much in common - horses mainly - that we bonded and have stayed in touch all these years, even though our interests have changed from then.

It took me just a couple of hours to get to PS, but when I got to town I found I had misplaced the directions I had Googled for me; but was able to recall the directions and when I got to her home she wasn't there, so I called her but found out I had an incorrect area code with her phone number. A neighbor came by and said she was going to a meeting and she would let Annie know I was here - apparently the neighbor knew I was coming to visit. I found out that almost everyone knows what is going on around them in the mobile park where Annie leaves.

As I said, Annie lives in one of the many mobile home parks located in the area. While there I did visit a few of these homes and they are homes indeed. They are more or less permanently placed and sell from person to person. There are individuals that specialize in remodeling mobile homes. Annie's is very open and you just don't have the impression that you are in one. I do love the aqua colors she has selected, very comfortable. She does have an extra room added onto her home and that is where I stayed. It is also storage space for her clown materials.

Annie is a professional clown and has been doing this for many years. She is also a hand puppeteer and while I was there she presented a skit to youngsters in kindergarten and 1st grade, if I remember correctly, at several nearby public schools entitled "Touch, Don't Touch". These little skits were about improper ways to touch someone and what is acceptable touch.

On Tuesday, Annie took me up to Idyllwild in the San Jacinto mountains. It had been, perhaps 10 or so years since I had been there. As I said earlier this is where my family went the day after school was out and we stayed until Labor Day with school starting the next day. We hauled our horses up every summer and what every other animal menagerie we had at the time - rabbits, rooster, dogs. Those were very special summers for my brother and I. Of course, it isn't anything like when we were growing up - so disappointing; but at least others were making memories too.

On Wednesday, I did laundry and the park's laundry area was like one I had never used before: everything was outside. Pretty cool. Wonder how that chore has been lately, what with their very cold weather.

I had an absolute ball shopping in Palm Springs - yes , I could afford shopping in Palm Springs and every day! Now, before you think I am rolling in money, forget that because we hit thrift stores galore. Palm Springs is loaded with thrift and consignment stores. I got a blouse, that retails for $120, for just under $6; a pair of $40-50 Penney's slacks for $1.72 from Goodwill. Annie likes to shop the thrift store, so it was great having a local expert.

Oh, we did more than go to thrift stores, we did do socializing in the park and I drank lots of different kinds of wines, met folks from Canada, did eat out a couple of times, I met her sister Jane (whom hadn't seen in 40 plus years), went to a Street Fair on the campus of College of the Desert. The Street Fair was really cool as there was some really fabulous artwork, clothing, crafts, gizmos and gadgets. The Street Fair is held every Sat/Sun throughout the year. The fresh food vendors was the best. I have missed eating fresh dates over the years, especially date malts - had one. I also didn't know how Brussel sprouts grow, never even gave any thought to it, I just like them occasionally.

It was one KOOL week and was soooooo glad I finally got to spend some time with Annie. I had been trying so hard for the last five years to get out there and I finally did it. Well let's see, I might need to stock up on some new clothes again. . . . . .

Now it's really time to head home, but first a stop at my son's in Socorro NM and spend some time with him. It is almost Thanksgiving. Socorro here I come.

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