Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Fun in NEVER, NEVER LAND. . . . . .Part 3

Before leaving my brother, we had our last boo hoos, let's do this again and hugs. It's their turn to come see me.

I headed down I-5 to San Juan Capistrano, late enough in the morning to avoid heavy traffic (well, it was heavy to me living in central USA) and arriving before noon. Beth had given me excellent directions to get to their house. I was so warmly received by her and Wayne I felt like there hadn't been that much time since we had last seen each other - only 50 years. Beth and I had graduated from Fullerton (Union) High School together and Wayne had graduated two years before.

She fixed an excellent lunch and we chatted and talked about classmates whereabouts - she knew many more than I did. In the afternoon, we went down to San Juan Capistrano Mission. My has that place become beautiful with the landscaping, beautiful flowers, flowering bushes and trees, compared to the bareness that I remembered from years ago. She told me that many of the remaining walls of the Mission had gone through extensive earthquake reinforcement. It was hard to tell. This use to be one of my favorite Missions. I bought a few things in the gift shop. We walked downtown and came across the 2nd Saturday Art and Craft show. I saw many beautiful things including a nice winter cap that would give me the "Mohawk haircut" I have been wanting to try for years!

Sunday, Beth took me down to the Los Rios Historic District in San Juan Capistrano. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in California. There are 3 adobe homes, of 40 originally, that were built in 1794. The most common homes are board and batten built between 1887 and 1910. Many of the homes along Los Rios Street have been converted into businesses - restaurants, cafes, gift shops - but there are many privately owned homes and not open to the public. The District is located adjacent to the railroad tracks and where the railroad came through San Juan Capistrano in 1884. It is really an intriguing area with lots of history.

We then drove down to the Dana Point Harbor and had lunch, walked around the harbor, headed up to the Dana Point Preserve and walked along the designated paths out to a point for fabulous views of the ocean, Catalina Island, and the coast to the north and south. If there at the right time, one can see whale migration. We went over to Strand Beach and rode a funicular (an inclined elevator driven by a cog rail system) down to a point to watch surfers - looked more like they were spending time socializing then riding waves. What a lovely day with beautiful weather, interesting conversations, finished off with a special dinner creation by Beth. What a fantastic weekend with Beth and Wayne. Am so glad I made the connection. I wondered why I made a connection out of the blue way back in the Spring, now I know why - we were just meant to be reacquainted again. Thank you Beth & Wayne for a great weekend.

I am off Monday morning to spend some time with my long-time friend Annie. Our friendship goes back around 55 years.


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