Friday, November 26, 2010

My Fun in NEVER, NEVER LAND. . . . . .Part 2

Okay, here is the continuation of my week, since I am having trouble saving the entries. Guess am having too much fun!

Thursday morning I stopped at a local store to pick out a couple congratulations cards for my niece and nephew and some pink roses for my brother and sister-in-law. Wow, two grandkids in less than 4 months.

This morning, we had breakfast at a place called Rialto's, also in downtown Fullerton - actually right next door to the Tea Room. Afterwards, I went with my brother to walk around the campus of my high school and I pointed out to him the buildings that were there 50 years ago and then the new ones. My goodness the "freshman tree" has really grown, which was in the area we referred to as the bullpen. Is that politically correct to call it that today? Jan met us for lunch at a place called Polly's Pie Cafe, then I went with Jan to an Art and Craft show where I bought a few things for Christmas presents.

Dinner that night, was the 3 of us at Mitsu E Shabu Shabu - a Japanese restaurant, located in downtown Fullerton. Shabu Shabu means "swish swish" and that is what you do with your food - in a pot of boiling water that is seasoned with a strip of seaweed. You are brought a plate of vegetables that will cook for a few minutes in the water. They are dipped in a sesame seasoned sauce for flavor. You are also brought a plate of razor thin meat - I chose beef and you "shabu shabu" your meat for 7-10 seconds in the boiling water to cook it and then dip it in another seasoned sauce. I had to use tongs as haven't mastered chopsticks, but am bringing some home to practice with. You can see my brother's arm in the background with the chopsticks. That was fun too as I had never done that before. My gosh am going to be too worldly for my little town now.

Friday, we had Dustin with us as his mom and dad were not feeling well. We went to The Original Pancake House, located in Anaheim, where I had a Dutch Baby (German) Pancake. Oh my, oh my was that ever good. Jan had a regular German Pancake and that thing must have been 14 inches across! It is served with lemon slices and powdered sugar. I am going to learn how to make these when I get home - so be ready kids to try a German pancake.

I took the afternoon, since it was my last day, to make a run to Trader Joe's and stock up on a few things and get some La Victoria Hot Victoria Salsa at a local grocery store. I use to be able to buy La Victoria Salsa at home, but not any more. That night we went to La Palma Chicken Pot Pie Shop. This was my mom's favorite place and so the folks brought my brother and I here more than 50 years ago - in the same place - many times. I didn't have a chicken pot pie, but the biggest and juiciest cheeseburger. Oh that was good one. Sabrina was able to join us but Jeremy had to work that night.

This was my last night with family and it was a tearful one for me. Sure don't want to make it another 5 years before we see each other. Okay bro?

Saturday I am off to San Juan Capistrano and to spend some time with a high school classmate.

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  1. Looks like you're having a ball~! I miss that country. There's a great Mexican Restaurant in San Juan C. called Olemendes. Up off the 91 by Yorba, theres a great RV park too if you ever choose to take the Casita. :) We made it home safe and sound!