Sunday, October 31, 2010

Summer is Over & the Fall Weather Seems to be Lingering... ❤❤❤

Oh this has been an exceptional Fall this year with temperatures lingering still into the low 70's. Night time temperatures are in the upper 30's, low 40's with an occasional dip to under freezing - but not too many times so far. And, tomorrow is the first of November.

About the only things left on my list that I wrote out, in early September, to do with the house is paint the window trims and clean the ceiling fans. Those will get done - sometime before Spring and my new list is started! I do have a few things left to do with the trailer, but those can wait until later. I am not taking my little trailer on my trip to California to see relatives and friends. What clinched that decision was the picture of coming home just after a blizzard and attempting to get the trailer set up in a snowdrift. Was not a pretty picture and even made me cold thinking about it!

This Fall has been beautiful and I enjoyed the visit by some Monarch Butterflies in late September and early Oct. They visited my lantana plants that I have out front. Am going to miss hanging my towels and sheets on the clothesline.

I did get the bathroom sink replaced recently and not because I wanted to at this time, but I attempted to stop the
faucets from drip, drip, dripping. I cracked the stem on the hot water faucet, found a replacement, lost the screw for the faucet handle down the drain, tried a replacement screw but the water wouldn't totally shut off. Grrrrrr and after a few
tirades of saying more than "grrrrr", my housemate said to call our neighbor's plumbing friend to have the new sink/faucet installed and he'd pay for it. Yippee. The old sink/faucet is on the left and the new sink/faucet on the right. It is the one I bought at the Habitat for Humanity Resell Shop. Was just a smidgen smaller than the old one; but it works sooooo much better. Plumber said the bottom of the old sink was just about wore through the cast iron at the bottom.

Everything I wanted to get done this fall, on the outside of the house is done. I finished putting up the window detailing trim on the sides and back of the house, dressed up the front screen door, added a little detailing to the inside of the porch, had some beading board and a medallion left over so did a little detailing on the back porch overhang, did enough detailing on the front porch post for right now (used vinyl spray paint left over from my trailer's spare tire cover project last year), and ended up painting the bottom board of the front porch overhang a dark green as when I looked up towards the porch ceiling I saw too much white.

Before, below left; and, After, below right.

What's next? I'll be going out to see my brother and sister-in-law in California and finally get to meet my nephew's wife and see their son for the first time; plus meet my niece's husband for the first time. I always said when I left California I would "never" drive out to see my brother. Don't ever say "never" because here I am driving out to see him and family. Plus will be spending a couple of nights with a high school class mate Beth and spending some time with my grade school friend Annie. I'll stop and see son in New Mexico before heading home - and hopefully not coming home in a or right after a blizzard. Until then. . . Be safe.


  1. Looks like you've really been busy! Yes, I still check up on you! Did you check out my pictures from the Har. Co. Reservoir? It is an exceptionally beautiful fall. Have a very safe trip...there's always next year to take the casita. We are hangin out and I'm getting yearly appts. done. Dan and KayCee having fun hunting, and we've had some company. Hope to see you again.

  2. Your upgrades to your house are really pretty amazing! When you look at the old and compare to the new, we can easily see all the hard work you have done! If you get near T or C and want to spend the night or a week... let us know. Jeff has the key and we can call him to have the front door unlocked for you!

  3. Dear Co-Boomer, What a sweet house! All you need is a white picket fence! I've been to Rice to check out the Casita. My roadtrip dream is to visit the location sites of the Picnic movie. You're a Kansas resident, right? So where are they? Thanks, and happy California visit from me in St. Monica.

  4. Gayle, took awhile to respond since been on road & I don't check things often. Anyway, the movie Picinic was filmed around the Halstead area, east of Newton KS on US 50. Contact the Chamber of Commerce in Halstead for info. Think they shot some scenes in the Huchinson and Salina area. Author's home is in Independence KS and they have some info on him in a history museum. Have fun following the movie.

  5. Gayle, opps that is suppose to be WEST of Newton Ks

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