Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, lets see what else . . . .

Lots of work on the house. The first picture is my little bungalow before the siding was put on.

Now a tour:And a place for my ribbon windsocks:I still have more to do - finish the detailing on the rest of the windows, more detailing on the porch posts, the porch eaves, and a few touchups here and there.

Meanwhile, my truck is going into the body shop this week to get the hail damage repaired. When I was coming home from the cardiologist visit several weeks ago, I hit a freak hailstorm. It was called freak because it wasn't suppose to be. First I hit a waterfall rainstorm and about a mile into that big waterfall, I hit the frozen waterfall. It was awful, I couldn't see but about a foot in front of the truck and forget seeing behind me. I knew there was a car in front of me, but had no idea what was coming up behind me - was praying it wasn't a semi. The road was slippery, truck was sliding around, the noise was nerve wracking, I kept saying "Not my new windshield (from the pheasant collision) and my new passenger side mirror that had just been replaced 3 days earlier." The hail just kept coming and coming, stones from walnut to golf ball size.

I did take 3 days and headed over to Milford Lake, near Junction City KS to spend some time with fellow Casita owners at the Kansas Get-Together.

Met a bunch of new folks and saw a few I have known for awhile. Picked up some information I needed too. It was a good mixture of time socializing with everyone and time just to do what you want. My kind of get-together.

Here are a few other summer photos of what went on:

Lets see, had lots of storms, visit from friends, housemate Jim enjoying the porch, saw a circumhorizontal arc rainbow, local parade for the annual Riverfest event, and of course lots of visits from Buster - oh, and Juno too. They usually come together.

I hope to be hitting the road around mid-October for 4 or 5 weeks. Have a tentative plan to visit my brother and his family in SoCal, my 50th high school reunion in Temecula, visit an old friend in Palm Springs and then ramble home through southern Ariz and work my way up to see son in New Mexico and maybe some friends in Truth or Consequences NM. So keep your fingers crossed for me, as am ready to hitch up and move on out.

PS I don't know why those lines above are underlined. I can't figure out how to remove it.

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