Saturday, August 7, 2010

Geez, what a Challenge on a HOT HOT day

More porch painting. I wanted to paint the top part of the porch today before it got Hot. It's that beam at the top of the picture. It is suppose to be the siding color, with white below. I got enough color to match the siding, at Home Depot, to paint that beam, and some pipes and cords at the back of the house so they would blend in and not look so "utilityish".

I applied the first coat and holy moley, it was way too dark. That's the siding on the right in this picture (to the right) and the paint that is suppose to match on the left.

In the picture below is what it looked like after applying the first coat.

So to the kitchen I went to concoct up a paint mixture closer to the siding color. Took 3 tries but came up with a color that is actually a bit lighter than the siding but because of the lighting up that high, it comes out to close to the siding color. I even applied the original paint to a part of the siding sample and the original was darker than the siding. So I didn't feel bad that it was my eyes. Unfortunately, stamped right on the top of the paint can it says "unreturnable". Hmmmm, seen paint returned to WallyWorld.

I also painted the rocks that sit in the corners. The rocks discourage those cute little birdies from building nests up there in the spring. It has been fun to watch the little ones hatch, grow and eventually fly away; but, oh the mess. So no more. See the rock in the corner?

While I was at Home Depot getting my wrong color paint, I did find some outdoor carpeting that I would like to put on the porch. When ever the concrete porch was put in, who ever smoothed the top, did it too much so when it gets wet, it is extremely slipperty. I have slipped a couple of times as well as my housemate, who can't afford to fall much less on concrete. I do have a runner that I put down in the winter, but a bigger piece of carpeting would be nicer. Here is the sample (hmmm, maybe if I collect enough samples, I could have a carpet! Think HD woud notice?)

Have to see after I get my ER bills paid, truck & trailer license tags, and the new passenger mirror for my truck, how much $$ I have left over. Ya, Mary I may have to work a little more with you out there in Oakley! My list keeps getting longer.

PS. Followup to my porch light fixture project: I did find two globes at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore in Hays and was so excited about them. Got them home and DRAT, they are just about 1/4 inch too big to slide in the fixture. Am thinking up several ideas to try, so will get back on this one.

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