Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Porch Light

I was going to install a new one, as the old one is, well . . . . old. But as I was scraping the old paint off I found these cute little "star" cutouts to let light bulb heat out; and I decided to keep the fixture. It's fun when you discover something from the past, buried under tons of paint.

Now I'll just look for a globe to fit and it'll be done. I have almost finished putting the two coats on the porch ceiling, just a couple more dabs here and there and add a splash of green to the top of one of the windows and that part will be done.

I am working on a paint design for the new porch posts I had installed awhile back but that won't get done until the daytime temps are a bit lower since I need to work in the sun. I have the blue color on the posts. I sprayed that on with vinyl paint and then sprayed a clear vinyl paint over that. The little area immediately above and below the blue will be a green band that matches the green on the windows. Above/below the green band will be yellow on the area that has been "trimmed".

Son gave me a gift card from Home Depot for Mother's Day and with that I'll be able to finish the trim on the rest of the windows around the house. Saving up now to replace the bathroom sink. It's an old iron one and the area around the drain is getting pretty thin.

More coming.

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