Friday, June 18, 2010

What a summer . . . . So Far

I made a list of items I would like to get with my earnings this summer - like a new mirror for the passenger side of my pickup (I messed it up 3 or 4 years ago backing out of a garage and have been using clear duct tape to keep the mirror in place - cheaper than a new mirror), new LED lights for inside the trailer, gravel in the driveway and in the back where I park the trailer - things like that. Well, so far I haven't done anything, but instead it will be the medical bills I have incurred (a story to be coming up), the deductible for the new windshield on the truck (this story comes in a bit), payments on a new laptop (another story to come after that).

Okay, will start with the easiest one: THE WINDSHIELD on the truck. It was one of those weeks I forgot something from home (other times it was when I forgot something from the trailer and I needed at home). I forgot my daily medicines and I asked Juno if she could drive about 35 miles down the Interstate and meet me at Collyer. Yup, we planned it for 8:30 p.m. only that was one of the nights they were having bad weather around Ellis. She hi tailed it out to meet me (this was when I lost my cell phone in Ellis and hadn't gotten a new one yet - that's another story) bringing her dog Buster with her. She quickly said it was really bad and stormy at home and couldn't chat, but brought Buster since he's scared of storms, handed me my meds and took off.

I was casually driving back to Oakley and at 8:48 p.m at MM#107 on I-70 near Quinter KS I met a kamikaze pheasant aiming right for my windshield. Blam. Next thing I know I am looking at my rear view mirror just hanging there and all these little spidery cracks going every which way. And the sun was just starting to set and reflecting off those hundreds of cracks! It was two weeks before I got the windshield fixed - the supplier brought the wrong size to the body shop in Oakley the first time.

The CELL PHONE story. I lost it, looked for it. Kept calling it. Disabled it. Police called housemate at home a few days later, when I was in Oakley, and said they found the lost one right in front of the post office where it couldn't be missed. Ya, like it was there when I went back to look the day I lost it. Not. Anyway, got a a new one with gizmos and gadgets and a camera. Whoopie. So was learning about a new cell phone.

The LAPTOP story. My laptop was slowing dying, it finally died - probably the motherboard. I had stuff backed up on an external drive (little did I know when I downloaded my pictures there would be sooooooo many duplicates, triplicates, what a mess) luckily. So I ordered a new MacBook on a Sat and it was delivered on the following Wed. So lots to learn there too, besides the cell phone. This is all good for my 68 year old brain? I still have stuff to load on this new one, but luckily I had a lot of hard copies. Am dreading doing all my documents - think I'll save those for when I take the old in to a computer store, take out the hard drive and see if can load from there. Oh well, and then it might not ever get done.

When my friend Geri and her husband were visiting here in Ellis I had a scary MEDICAL EXPERIENCE. Had to keep Geri company (see my other posting about her accident). I was siting at housemate's computer checking my emails (the reason being in the previous paragraph) when I started to feel dizzy, not the spinning kind, just dizzy. I went to lie down on my bed, after 15-20 minutes it was still there and every time I moved my head - whoops. I hollered at Jim (he was still asleep) to get me a cold, wet washrag for my forehead. Tried that for 20-30 minutes, nope still dizzy. Jim call Juno to take me to the hospital as this isn't going away. Juno came over and they tried to get me to sit up - ohhhhh no am going to pass out, lay me back down. Okay, let's try that again - ohhhhhh no am going to pass out again. I can't make it to your car Juno without passing out. Call an ambulance. Meanwhile I had the wet washrag over my eyes as it seem to slow the dizziness down.

That was an my very first ride in an ambulance in my life. Don't remember a lot - remember the oxygen they were giving me, pricking my finger to check by blood sugar level, them telling me to keep breathing slowwwwwww, and calls coming in about a car accident where the EMS could find the car but nobody was around - look around the bushes they were told (never heard the end of what happened). I still wanted to pass out. Don't remember too much in the ER room except I was there for a hours. They did tests and kept talking to me and I kept wanting to pass out. I just wanted to go to sleep is all.

All the tests came back normal, no stroke, no heart attack, blood sugar levels normal. I had been having trouble with my ears and the thought was that my inner ears were upside down or something (that's not what the ER doc said really). They gave me some Dramamine and within minutes I was feeling sooooooo much better, color was coming back and I could sit up without feeling like I was going to pass out. Whew. Those are all not my favorite feelings and never will be on my list of FAVS.

So I visited my personal doc and "Doc Lisa" gave me meds for the ears and ordered a scan of the carotid arteries. Meds didn't do much good, heating pad felt better. Ears are still bothering me but that could be due to my TMG nerve being irritated (which will be a visit to my neurologist later). Anyhoos, the scan showed I have a slightly twisted right carotid artery with a very slight kink. Well, hello I don't need that artery twisting and kinking up on me. Doc Lisa sent the info about the scan to my cardiologist (gee, am beginning to feel like a celebrity with all these specialists in my life) and am now waiting to hear from him. Doc Lisa says if he doesn't call me next week to let her know and she's gonna whup him into action.

Well, lets see anything else? Oh yes, Jim and I had our annual eye exam. He's getting a new lens. But my cataract - well I have never ever wanted anything in my body to get bad before, but the cataracts are it. They have just a wee bit more to go before they can be removed, meanwhile it's blurry out of the right eye.

Oh there is something else. Have you ever been in your vehicle when it was lifted off the ground, even slightly? This happened to me the day before the pheasant hit the windshield. There is an area, I am learning, between Quniter and the Campus Road overpass (near Oakley) that can get some really nasty weather thru there. A rain squall opened up and poured buckets, the wind was blowing (I learned over 60 mph later), pea size hail was coming down, people were stopping under overpasses (a real hazard when the rain is pelting you, windshield wipers can't keep up, and all you see is a blur of red tail lights ahead of you) and I was trying to find an OVERPASS to get onto to get away from crazy drivers, when all of a sudden the whole truck lifted up. When it came down the spinning rear wheels hit that pavement and wiggle, wiggle and zoom we did. Holy moley what was that I thought. The next day, I learned from a local farmer that around in that same area a huge and very old cottonwood tree had been pulled right up out of the ground, roots and all. Okay, something hit us and I am here to tell about it and the tree isn't.

Well drat, was hoping to get my pictures loaded and finish these two blog entries and GUESS WHAT? I left my camera out in Oakley! LATER. Back in Oakley and downloaded my pictures to iBook and oh no they took something simple and made it a bit more complex - Natch.

Finally figured it out and now can download my pictures to the blog. Here's some recent storm photos from to show I learned how. That 68 year old brain is still working!

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