Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Brother's Daughter

My niece Jennifer. She and Mike are getting married Friday, June 25th. I wish I could be there, I wish I knew my niece. She really must be a great gal or my brother wouldn't have kept her. Her mom would keep her no matter what, I know. Jennifer lives 1500 miles away and I don't get out to California very much any more, where I grew up.

I imagine she is a strong person both in determination and perseverance. She's a beauty, I can tell that and she reminds me of her mom. I bet she has patience, that because she is my brother's daughter; but I hope she doesn't have his somewhat satirical outlook, instead has his sense of humor.

Aw Mike what can I say. By now you know what kind of family you are marrying into. You must be a great guy since my bro is trusting his daughter's life and well being to you. I can hear my bro now: "Good luck, Mike"

Congratulations Jennifer and Mike. I will be thinking of you on Friday.
Auntie Em

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  1. Hi Aunt Emily-

    Thanks for sending me the link to your blog-I have finally had a chance to sit down and respond to emails it seems. I wish you could have been there too-it was great having Jim there and he did a great job documenting the whole thing! Hope to see you sometime soon (so you can meet Mike as well) and I will try to keep into your blog from time to time to keep up with all that you are doing!
    Take care,